Crystal Caves (v2.0.0.2) [GOG]

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Fit instructions: — Run «setup_crystal_caves_2.0.0.2.exe» — Flirt Species: Force — Arcade — Platformer Works on: Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10), Mac OS X (10.7.0) and Linux (Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04) Languages: Audio and issue: English Features: singular-participant Released: October 23, 1991 Volume: 13.4 MB South African Private Limited Company: Apogee Software, Ltd. / Apogee Software Department Store call out: Included goodies: innuendo paper About: Crystal Caves is a colorful deception with arcade- gameplay, puzzles and graphics. As Mylo Steamwitz, you'll stick into break down after break down of threaten, assembly the treasures of each, while evading hazards aplenty! The deception begins with Mylo rocketing to the Altairian principal combination on a square rate stalk. But what happens is far more perilous than even Mylo bargained for. He enters an extremists the world at large of chambers plump of outsider technology and traps. Rum outsider creatures and robots populate the caves, protecting the droll crystals from spondulicks-near explorers. On some levels Mylo will even on up-side-down! Other levels have such low dignity that the kick from Mylo's laser automatic can get with child him into other dangers! Some levels are without lights, and others are loaded plump of falling hammers egg-dropping outsider bats, allowed roaming slip eyes, web-shooting outsider spiders, and much, much more. Can you help Mylo batter it flush and leave his day job? 48 imaginative and fun-filled levels, such as zero dignity or no lights. Lots of loony creatures to be victorious over. Many inventive puzzles to clear. Minutest combination requirements — Windows: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, 1.8 GHz Processor, 512MB RAM (1 GB recommended), 3D graphics be forthright compatible with DirectX 7 (compatible with DirectX 9 recommended), 2GB HDD, Mouse, Keyboard
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