Jak and Dexter Top Solicitation (PS2 Master-Work) [PAL]

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Jak and Dexter Detailed Garnering (PS2 Model) [PAL] ------------------------------------------------------------ Jak and Daxter The Vanguard Legacy [PAL-E](Multi — 5)[DVD][SCES_50361] Jak II Disloyal [PAL-E](Multi — 7)[DVD][SCES — 51608] Jak 3 [PAL-E](Multi — 7)[DVD][SCES — 52460] Jak X Spar Racing [PAL-E](Multi — 5)[DVD][SCES — 53286] (PS2) Jak and Daxter The Abandoned Far Reaches [PAL-E][Multi — 12][DVD][SCES — 55510] ====================================================================== [INFO] Plucky Subhead: Jak and Daxter: The Vanguard Legacy Disk ID: SCUS 97124 Year: 2001 Idea: 1.00 Plucky Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian Simile Hugeness: .ISO Number: Nonconformist Compression strain: .7z Compressed Hugeness: 768MB Uncompressed hugeness: 1.35GB Simile Envision: .ISO [About this gushing:] Jak and Daxter: The Vanguard Legacy is a programme plucky developed by Unmanageable Dog and published by Sony Computer Performance. It was released exclusively for the Sony PlayStation 2 on December 2001 and is the first video plucky in the Jak and Daxter series. The plucky follows the standard-bearer, Jak, as he tries to help his bosom buddy, Daxter, after Daxter transforms into an ottsel (a unreal mongrel of otter and weasel). With the help of Samos the Judicious, the put together learn that they must keep their just ecstatic from the antagonists Gol and Maia, who envision to overflowing it with Obscurity Eco. The plucky offers a chiefly string of missions and mini games as well as puzzles and programme elements that the actor must perfect to proceed. ====================================================================== [INFO] Subhead: Jak II: Disloyal Fashion: 3D > Functioning > Platformer Developer: Unmanageable Dog Publisher: SCEE Year: 2003 Tract: PAL Argot: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean ID: SCES — 51608 Envision: DVD Compression strain: .7z Compressed Hugeness: 2.56GB Uncompressed hugeness: 4.10GB Simile Envision: .ISO [About this gushing:] Jak is go in another functioning-wall-to-wall jeopardize, but he's not the same. In Jak II, experiments with Obscurity Eco gone fall through bar Jak with an uncontrollable obscurity side, and after two years in brig, Jak seeks forcefully b energetically. Accompanied by your trusty bosom buddy Daxter, unleash the obscurity powers on multiple enemies and see surprising transformations. Armed with compelling weapons, a principal-tech jetboard, an impenetrable mech solicitation, and a loads of vehicles at your disposal, you have no extenuation for neglect. ==================================================================== [INFO] Subhead: Jak3 Argot: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish Loosing companion: 2004 Strain: Platformer 3D SCES — 52460 Compression strain: .7z Compressed Hugeness: 2.33GB Uncompressed hugeness: 4.18GB Simile Envision: .ISO Media Strain: DVD — 5 [About this gushing:] «Jak III» is another placement Unmanageable Dog, in which undaunted starring How smashing logorrhoeal and Daxter. «Jak III» is a three-dimensional functioning plucky with programme elements abundance, but it does not run well as a loads of compelling guns and fragments of jeopardize, and from space to space we will participate in races irresistible circumstances around the whopping urban district that is the center of the plucky just ecstatic. ====================================================================== [INFO] Subhead: Jak and Daxter: The Abandoned Far Reaches Loosing companion: November 19, 2009 Fashion: Functioning-jeopardize, Programme Media Strain: DVD — 5 Language/s: English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Emend A Conclude, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish. Serial: SCES — 55510 Tract: PAL Compression strain: .7z Compressed Hugeness: 2.48GB Uncompressed hugeness: 3.42GB Simile Envision: .ISO [About this gushing:] Jak and Daxter: The Abandoned Far Reaches is another prospect socialize of expert platforming series giving away the whole show the adventures of the subhead abnormal. The characters were in created by Unmanageable Dog, known among other things, with Unfamiliar: Drake's Assets. For the increment of The Abandoned Far Reaches corresponds band Principal Force Games, which also treated such titles as Hush-Hush Go-Between Clank and Ratchet & Clank: Hugeness Matters. ===================================================================== [INFO] Subhead: Jak X Spar Racing Loosing Companion: October 18, 2005 Fashion: Racing Publisher: Sony Computer Performance Developer: Unmanageable Dog Software Plucky Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian Compression strain: .7z Compressed Hugeness: 3.18GB Uncompressed hugeness: 4.34GB Simile Envision: .ISO [About this gushing:] Jak X: Spar Racing is the subhead of the fixed Unmanageable Dog, referring to the famed series, which deals with the adventures of zielonowłosego What and his bosom buddy Daxter. The commodity has been released exclusively for the PlayStation 2 [INAUGURATE] To unpack , use the 7 -Zip or WinRAR Fritter Away with Nero or UltraISO. Fritter Away to disc DVD — 5 or 4x Dart Derive Pleasure!