Dungeon Architect - Alpha 11 (Linux)

  • 16.08.2016, 06:21,
  • Games
= Carrying Out improvements & honour leaks — Prearranged numerous in the basic honour leaks — Soak simulation significantly optimised — Prearranged carrying out bug in goal conception (job profiler from within inner bow) — Conception light non-spiritual edges has been improved and optimised (eg peach growing onto pathway) — Conception muck bags was sometimes very reluctant, is now quicker. Rig caption removed — Nameplates now lackey out as you zoom out (less hodgepodge + quicker to put) — Prearranged carrying out bug when ordering in the basic areas of construction = Come extension — You can now acquisition surrounding plots of come, and thereby increase the district of your penitentiary — Must be unlocked by the accountant in the beauracracy qualify — Expanding to the right of the course is theoretical, and is likely to separate oneself a demolish everything = TimeLapse recording You can now compact disc a timelapse video of your penitentiary during construction Use the Options -> Timelapse menu to set the pattern lacuna and the playback percentage of the video Start and Be Over recording from the basic menu Whilst recording you will see a red enclose icon in the top right of your qualify NOTE: Timelapse videos will be saved to your PA saves folder, subfolder «Videos» NOTE: We export the videos as OGV (ogg video) form — Savvy Intellectuals toolbar highlights Icons in the basic develop intensify toolbar will now highlight when appropriate, based on the rooms perceptible on qualify Eg if you are looking at a Workshop, the Saw/Press/Table will all highlight. Eg if you are looking at a row of choky cells, the Bed/Toilet/JailDoor icons will all highlight — Prisoners now down their extant determination whilst in your choky. Once they have served their in its entirety choky semester they are automatically released. They will go out on strike to the take a walk and be allowed to skedaddle by your guards. Their nameplate will sign «RELEASED» NOTE: We down sentences at an accelerated percentage — otherwise nobody would ever be released NOTE: We do not yet fortify at the crack deliver due to Parole — Guards assigned to a sector will no longer congregation together at the very hub of the sector. Instead they will go out on strike randomly around the sector. Similarly, prisoners assigned to profession within a elbow-room will now wind around the elbow-room if there is nothing to do, instead of grouping together at the hub like chumps — Hearses will now come to your penitentiary to take away your inorganic bodies (four at a sometimes) — Obscene clothes will no longer tip-off to riots Not all needs will press prisoners to fleshly fierceness Currently Exempt: Clothing, Relieve These needs still mitigate those prisoners from identification «well treated», but will not press them to ire — Doctors/Paramedics will now prioritise Guards and Fray Police Officers, and will not set straight fighting/rioting prisoners — On-Going the business in CORRECT FASHION now automatically scales the business spritebank down to 2048x2048 This should fix the missing/corrupted sprites bugs on some graphics chips (eg Intel HD 3000, Macbook Air etc) — Prisoners now go out on strike a bit faster when pushing laundry baskets — Prearranged: The clone implement was disobeyed in alpha 10 - Prearranged: The doctor/paramedic healing useful was looping forever — Prearranged: The Lockdown claxon would bow forever, annoying everyone who heard it — Prearranged: Prisoners will no longer shot at cleaning jobs in employees only areas (they became stuck when trying) — Prearranged: Prisoners will forthwith be over doing a job if their elbow-room is set to Employees Only — Prearranged: Prisoners will no longer descent their obscene uniforms in the go broke where they can't be retrieved — Prearranged: You no longer need to let out a Doctor before you can conceive an Surgery