[PS3] CellFactor: Psychokinetic Wars

  • 16.08.2016, 06:43,
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CellFactor: Psychokinetic Wars is a rabbit-paced first-actually multiplayer shooter where you decide your side in the donnybrook of technology vs. warmth. Control your setting and execute your enemies with your alternative of gunfire and/or telekinetic superpowers. Use your take offence at to rip objects from the setting and smash them in any instructing or use your powers to think up a bullet-uphold vitality keep. Flying, teleporting and accelerated sprint mete you countless ways to execute or be killed. Take on the three distinct-contestant question modes (one vogue for each expected) or donnybrook palpable enemies throughout the smashing in one of four multiplayer modes. Key Features * Countless ways to execute your enemies: Guns, telekinesis and superpowers mix to provide you unique donnybrook options. * Use your setting as a weapon: All maps contain objects to toss at your enemies, including pipes that can be ripped off of walls, rocks, physical blocks and many more. * Prodigious online battles in four multiplayer modes: Obliteration Betrothal, Pinch the Waste Away, Together Obliteration Betrothal, and Set. * 30 distinct contestant challenges: 10 for each expected. * 7 inimitable environments: From lava pools to ice storms, the environments meaning the gameplay and mete the warrior intoxicating options. * Weapons: Pistols, sniper rifles, shotguns, set rifles, slight feel embarrassed bombs, and sky-rocket launchers. * Powers: Telekinesis (summoning objects from the setting and chucking them at enemies), shooting lightning rods and vitality beams (can execute in one speedily), know-how to smokescreen your opponent, bullet-uphold shields, teleporting, wonderful jumping, flying, and accelerated tournament sprint. * Unlock rewards as you go: As your notch increases you upward access to rewards such as faster stalwartness regeneration, increased vitality power, unseen to radar, longer wonderful run, enhanced teleporting and more. * Customize your expected: Decide your armor and customize your look with a arrange of color schemes. ____________________________________________ YOU HAVE TO USE WINRAR 5 TO DRAW ARCHIVE!