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Cubemen 2 is a firm paced, battle wall-to-wall, ingenious 3D Policy business where you use your little Cubemen units to keep safe and fall enemies in a move of dreadful business modes including CTF, Fray, Turf and more. “Cubemen 2 is a fun and in perfect accord knowledge that most policy buffs would do well to try at least once.” 8/10 – Dads Gaming Addiction “All in all this business is a very ladylike slice of travail, being a fan of the ingenious I am really to death to see how the series has come along!” 8/10 – Out Of The Box «Cubemen 2 is another dogmatic delivering for 3 Sprockets, and shows what a skilful developer can really do with a sequel.» 9/10 - Gamers Xtreme For the multi-entertainer enthusiasts, you can collide in up to 6 entertainer online Solitary or Band battles against other humans or AI, for the top blackheads on the worldwide rankings. Announcer your own online games or be adjacent to other games in the unreserved to use business put one's weight behind. All multi-entertainer games are fractious-podium so recreation OSX against iOS. For those that file the solitary select-entertainer knowledge, Cubemen 2 offers 2 in perfect accord solitary select-entertainer business modes plus a Stand royal, all with online rankings so you can collide against the worlds best. Cubemen 2 offers enough species to provide for everyones policy gaming needs. ■ New Cubemen Ingenious Soundtrack available at.. Discover out the trailer... Recreation on an almost interminable stock of new and alluring owner generated levels, or set the unreserved to use built in horizontal off compiler and metamorphose and equity your own. All levels are stored locally so you can recreation your favorites when offline. Key Features: ■ Five excellent business modes including CTF, Turf and Release! ■ Customisable constituent skins... Recreation as Cowboys, Knights or even Luchadores! ■ Built in Horizontal Off Compiler to recreation and equity your own levels ■ Customisable horizontal off themes... Settle Upon from over 20 styles ■ No problems towers. Proceed your Cubemen around the horizontal off and fall or keep safe at will ■ Stand royal where you collide against others for a worldwide ranking ■ Up to 6 entertainer fractious-podium multi-entertainer holocaust ■ Regard new online levels to recreation with a solitary select click ■ Nine specialised constituent types including walkway blockers, mines and stop dead lightning ■ Valid 3D levels with Teleporters, Healing Stations and floating platforms ■ Online ranking for all business modes ■ Teams and particular multi-entertainer games against Humans, AI or both! ■ Bath, lavish and simplistic visuals that keep the spotlight on the policy ■ Over 100 owner levels to recreation already! It’s TD like you’ve never seen or seasoned before. Grip it now! Trace 3 Sprockets on Chirruping — Become a fan on Facebook — Whats New in Translation 1.12 We have been working unfriendly to come across and edit out as many bugs and boom issues as possible and thank everyone for their pertinacity so far. Improvements — Improved discharge on all platforms — Reduced thought convention on all platforms Fixes — Secured «Create Level» quick going off-white after deleting a owner horizontal off — Secured hidden boom when restarting games in Defense, Stand and Fray modes — Secured top down camera being disgraceful bearings — Secured hidden boom bug in horizontal off compiler with deracinate button — Secured help exercise book starting too low in help sieve — Secured boom when habitat watchword for confidential network games — Secured bug where you could buy units with no cubes — Secured cancelling IAP might boom If you are having put out launching Cubemen 2 on OSX, please trace these steps... edit out your «com.3sprockets.cubemen2osx.plist» from your «~/Library/Preferences/» folder and edit out your «com.3sprockets.cubemen2osx.savedState» from your «~/Library/Saved Employment State/» folder And please friend us immediately via our brace connection on our department store recto if that doesn't travail so we can get you up and match. Thanks. What's New in Translation 1.15 Yield B Set Forth translation in figure with new Cubemen 2 translation for iOS and Steam