Disney Ageless Games Gleaning Remastered

  • 16.08.2016, 09:33,
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NEW! 16 New Games: A Bugs Person, Arcade Furor, Dare, Feeling Of Excitement Lightyear of Big Name Behest, Citadel of Mistaken, Donald Stoop Heatless Companion, Emperors New Scratch, Goofy's Extreame Skateboarding, Lilo & Stitch Unrest In Zion, Tangled, Timon and Pumbaa Burper, Peter Pan — Adventures In Neverland, Mickey Saves the day, Toy Tidings 3, BARRICADE-E and Tarzan with all the sounds and cinematics from the individualist conception. Some games now have improved compatibility with Windows 10 for others (*) I have included VirtualBox. The launcher has new french enchant visuals, fullscreen slideshows with more hots, ultra hi-res posters A noteworthy store of Disney games from 1990 to 2013. Merely mount, connect and on. Set On Fire, impress and keep. Some setups might be in russian but the games are 100% english. Quarry Inventory: 101 Dalmatians Flight from deucedly in heaven's name Manor * 102 Dalmatians Puppies to the Liberate A Bugs Life* Aladdin Aladdin: Nashira’s Get Arcade Furor * Atlantis: The Strayed Empire — unsurpassed Handsomeness and the Brute Dare Chum Have Relevance Feeling Of Excitement Lightyear of Big Name Behest * Citadel of Mistaken Counter and Dale: Liberate Rangers Donald Stoop Heatless Companion — unsurpassed * Stoop Tales Track Down for Gold Stoop Tales Remastered Emperors New Scratch Verdict Nemo Goofy's Extreame Skateboarding Hercules Hades Invite — unsurpassed Lilo & Stitch Unrest In Zion Mickey Saves the day * Monsters Inc Mikes Titanic Punt Monsters Inc Up Isle Quarry Peter Pan — Adventures In Neverland * Tangled Tarzan (with all cinematics and music) — unsurpassed The Hunchback of Notre Dame Topsy Turvy Games * The Jungle Log The Lion Regent The Lion Regent II: Simba’s Revel In Tigger’s Honey Low For Timon and Pumbaa Burper — unsurpassed * Timon and Pumbaa’s Jungle Games — unsurpassed * Toy Tidings * Toy Tidings 2 Toy Tidings 3 BARRICADE-E ------- * — Requires Windows XP (use VirtualBox) Includes: 40 games, DVD duvet, Disks duvet, a delightfully menu, hots and slideshows, About this spate:s and posters added for each quarry. 12 minutes soundtrack included. You can set on fire it, impress the duvet and keep it delightfully. Website: http://www.thegamerssaints.com chapter