Advanced V.G. 2 (Japan) [SLPM-87226][COMPREHEND .TXT]

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«The »Cute Girls Who Rebound Butt« Tale Continues...» Advanced VG 2 doesn«t give as much combo-heaviness as in Asuka 120% Ending Scorching Fest. But it does give 12 + 2 firm females on to rebound one»s kibitz all over the Playstation. The gameplay is set up somewhere between Boulevard Fighter & Regent Of Fighter styles. You can combo conventional attacks by zig-zagging along the in check pad. You can 2-in — 1 your specials, supers (1 domestic of vigour), and ultras (2 stocks of vigour). And despite what everybody says; they«re right when they say it»s a Boulevard Fighter rip-off. But TGL pushes it to be the best darn SF rip-off ever known. There are 12 «waitresses» to pick out from: Yuka, a Ryu-genus peculiarity who«s starting to cast doubt upon her own being. Tamao, her Lillith-genus «fan.» Satomi, their blaze-weilding bunk-mate. Kaori, a computer geek who specializes in kicking. Chiho, a beautiful ninja. Kyoko, her serious-looking grappler associate Ayako, a dancer who never opens her eyes. Manami, some hero brat who fights like Blanka. Elli Lynn, a «Playboy Bunny» from America. Jun, a wrestler who would gutter 50% of your way of life if you»re not thorough. Reimi, a boss who seems French. And Saki, an Iori Yagami rip-off. And the «Story Mode» has you as Tamao; fighting through her friends and rivals gaining her ultra stir (some genus of R-Genus devastate) and going wholly to wholly with the malignant Miranda and her bad «experiment.» «Why an 8? Why not award it a 10?» Well, because of the character's lips not analogous the huddle. «IS THAT ALL?!» Well, if you can gun through the schizoid dialoge-lip put together, then Advanced VG 2 could be the gutsy for you! Reviewer's Gouge: 8/10 | From The First Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99 Style: Fighting Publisher: TGL Developer: TGL Gutsy Details Media: 1 x CD-R Jurisdiction: NTSC-J ESBR Rating: Everyone Languages: Japanese Players: 1-2 Gutsy Altered: No Other Info: SLPM_87226 March Details Dimension: .ecm (need to unpack for .bin/.cue) Unpacked dimension: 586 MB (614.876.267 bytes) Tested and working with epsxe 1.9.0 Instructions 1. Three compressions, the first is .Rar, .7z is the second and third u need to unzip the march .Ecm I have included the software on download (GEMC), after this just rename the .Bin march with the same name of .Cue. And now u have. Bin and cue 2. Squander with your acceptance of scorching software, introduce ImgBurn,Clone CD or Nero at x4 to CD-R 3. Lift and Ad Lib!