Various Artists - Lead Your Ceo [Dischord Records1982]

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Giant 1982 compilation from Washington D.C.'s Dischord Records. Features a compute of vigorously to on tracks coming out of the first D.C. hardcore segment. All tracks .mp3 320 kbps, downloaded from, redeemed after leverage of the vinyl reissue. Includes fa and following bedclothes art, but no flier — sorry. Dischord 007 Various Artists — Tighten Your Fore-Part Road Listing: No. Tenure Author(s) Contributing artist Term 1. «I Sip Milk» Ian MacKaye; The Teen Idles The Teen Idles 1:09 2. «Commie Song» I. MacKaye; The Teen Idles The Teen Idles 1:01 3. «No Fun» (from the start performed by The Stooges) Iggy Pop; Dave Alexander; Ron Asheton; Scott Asheton The Teen Idles 2:25 4. «Rat Patrol» Alec MacKaye Untouchables 0:59 5. «Nic Fit» A. MacKaye Untouchables 1:01 6. «I Hatred You» A. MacKaye Untouchables 1:17 7. «I Hatred the Kids» Lyle Preslar; Henry Garfield Imperial of Warn 0:39 8. «Disease» (from the start performed by UK Subs) Nicky Garratt; Charlie Harper Imperial of Warn 0:28 9. «Steppin' Stone» (known by Paul Enshrine & the Raiders and The Monkees) Tommy Boyce; Bobby Hart Imperial of Warn 1:56 10. «Stand Up» I. MacKaye Subordinate Forewarning 0:54 11. «12XU» (from the start performed by Wire) Bruce Gilbert; Graham Lewis; Colin Newman; Robert Gotobed Subordinate Forewarning 1:02 12. «Hey, Ronnie» Brian Gay Domination Pay-Off 1:09 13. «Lie, Bilk, and Steal» John Stabb Schroeder Domination Pay-Off 0:51 14. «Moral Majority» Nathan Strejcek Maid Brigade 1:06 15. «Waste of Time» Bert Queiroz; Tom Clinton Maid Brigade 0:52 16. «Last Word» Strejcek; Queiroz Maid Brigade 1:23 17. «Jimi 45» Eric Lagdameo; Peter Murray; Toni Childlike Red C 1:20 18. «Pressure's On» Murray Red C 1:40 19. «6 O'Clock News» Lagdameo; Murray Red C 2:03 20. «Assassin» Lagdameo; Murray; Childlike Red C 0:56 21. «Dehumanized» John Weiffenbach Useless 1:16 22. «Authority» Weiffenbach; Bubba Dupree Useless 0:49 23. «My Rules» Sean Finnegan Useless 0:57 24. «War Games» Wendel Exhale Iron Irritated 1:22 25. «New Breed» Sab Grey; Dante Ferrando Iron Irritated 1:21 26. «Live for New» Ferrando Iron Irritated 2:12 27. «Artificial Peace» Steve Polcari High-Sounding Non-Combative 1:39 28. «Outside Looking In» Polcari; Rob Moss High-Sounding Non-Combative 0:59 29. «Wasteland» Polcari High-Sounding Non-Combative 2:01 30. «Stolen Youth» Ray Hare; Brendan Canty Deadline 1:43 31. «Hear the Cry» Canty Deadline 1:03 32. «Aftermath» Hare; Canty Deadline 2:11