[+] Carnivores: Dinosaur Stalker Pro - v1.4.2 (Cracked)

  • 16.08.2016, 11:07,
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Over 10 million people call attention to Carnivores games on iOS dais. They can't be unsuitable! About this flood:: Carnivores: Dinosaur Nimrod is a comfort-prominence real hunting sim where the players street down a genus of dinosaurs while exploring immense non-linear locations. The dinos vaunt with some of the most advanced AI on the dais, evolving from “pea-brained” dummies to threatening creatures that are able to see, be told and brains the adrenaline in hunter’s blood. Perceptible 3D environments including pine forests, soil marshes and rolling hills distribute reside for different hunting tactics, which are impressive because the nimrod may question end up becoming a eat. Slack Off On management, aroma and the use of a odd dinosaur phone are all key elements in tracking the dinosaur and not being caught. There are currently 20 ravishing dinosaurs and more are coming! Line Of Work Features: • Immense 3D area, out to study! • Comfort prominence HD graphics. • 3D dinosaurs, from the Herbivorous for fledgling hunters to the Carnivorous for experts. • Elect from among six different weapon types or relish in the wildlife in photo wise. • Map and radar to turn up and street dinosaurs. • Hunting accessories for capable hunting. • 2 ravishing line of work modes: – Hunting: a non-linear not far from to fact hunting happening where players amble through immense landscapes, tracking and hunting a genus of dinosaurs; – Survival: a timed, frenzied event where dinosaurs run onto the gamester in waves with a fine target to fress him. • Interactive Dino Citation Reside. • Blood-let go photo wise where you can safely relish in the wildlife, take pictures of dinosaurs and part them with your friends. • Line Of Work Center and venereal networking integration. • Hurl compatible. • Hours of nostalgia for those who reward playing it on their PC. Changelog: • Blast at start rooted • Blast when changing GameCenter username rooted • Overall persistence improved Don't consign to oblivion to degenerate! _ ( (( = ___ `- (____))( ---- (____)) _ (____)) (____))____/----