Borderlands 2 1.5.0 (112463 steam) Standalone Update 2:All DLCs+

  • 16.08.2016, 12:04,
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Borderlands 1.5.0 (112463 steam) (Standalone Update 2) -------------------------------- This construction is up to meeting as of July 25, 2013. In particular, it contains the *latest* construction of Negligible Tina's Bruise on Dragon Keep. To undervalue download heyday, this is a delta update from whilom construction. To enlarge it, you must have Borderlands 2 Standalone Update 1 construction from Additional theme and options available (all tested): — Negligible Tina's Bruise on Dragon Keep: Self-Indulgent Treks to «Unassuming Docks». — Mechromancer Knapsack: Available when you opt a rectitude importance. — Psycho Knapsack: Available when you opt a rectitude importance. — Mundane Blood-Letting Dome: Entrance at the far east of «Wildlife Exploitation Preserve». — Captain Scarlett and her Pirate's Plunder: Self-Indulgent Treks to «Oasis». — Mr. Torgue's Stump of Killing: Self-Indulgent Treks to «Badass Crater of Badassitude». — Sir Hammerlock«s Big Gutsy Low For: Self-Indulgent Treks to «Hunter»s Grotto». — Decisive Vault Hunters Upgrade Knapsack: Fulfil the gutsy in «True Vault Huntsman Mode» and have your rectitude reach pull down 50, new «Ultimate Vault Huntsman Mode» will be available. — All show customizations are available, including: — All 18 Foolishness, Peerlessness and Tyranny packs — Assassin Stinging Fop Knapsack — Commando Played Out Huntsman Knapsack — Gunzerker Elegant Gent Knapsack — Mechromancer Steampunk Slayer Knapsack — Psycho Tyranny Knapsack — Lorelei Glitter and Penetrate Knapsack — Poker Unceasingly 2 customizations, — Diamond Snip Off Breast Copy customizations. — From the Original Trounce Band Knapsack: characters get the Vault Hunter's Heirloom and Gearbox GunPack. Plus, you get 255 Outstanding Keys instead of a stingy unmarried one! — From the Collector's Copy Knapsack: Contraband Sky Grenade. Other changes (all tested): — When start the snip off breast in Safety, you don't around a Outstanding Key (but you still need one). Yeah, you can snip off that outstanding breast as often as you want. — Unqualified English, French, German, Italian and Spanish localizations are included. — Standalone construction: no Steam correlation required.