Balloon Promised Land v2.6.0 mod

  • 16.08.2016, 12:40,
  • Games
Content to start identical and popping some balloons? Balloon Promised Realty is a colorful and mind-blowing agree 3 figure out misrepresent that takes position in a universe peak above the clouds! Swap and agree flashy balloons and unleash fantabulous power-ups as you trade to scrape the sky conurbation of Floatopia! Belle«s extraordinary venture has taken her to a universe she never knew existed. Far above the realty, concealed by the clouds, is a conurbation made entirely out of balloons. A influential of claptrap has stirred up irk in this alluring universe, mixing up all of the colors and causing parts of the conurbation to evaporate! Only Belle can put things in also kelter, and she»s got just the agree 3 skills to do it! Go to extraordinary new worlds as you help Belle by identical balloons one aggregation at a leisure. Clarify puzzles to get certain power-ups that can pop tons of balloons at once, sending them repudiate to Floatopia in a influential flick of fun! Features: * Touch Up a magical conurbation floating peak in the sky. * Agree and pop colorful balloons in tons of different patterns. What’s new: Easter comes to the clouds with a variety new update for Balloon Promised Realty! Savor the enliven of treat someone to with gleaming new graphics, festive music, Easter egg power-ups, & 15 variety new levels, all content to download and fancy! Represent the skies lavender, pink, orange and pastel as you agree balloons & eggs with Belle in the sky. Trade your way through new challenges using variety new items created just for the treat someone to fair! Solemnize Easter with a beam. Download Balloon Promised Realty now and start identical! What's in the mod: Unrestrained dough Requires Android OS 4.0.3 and up