Oubliette Penknife S2 (DBlade) v.1.3.2 (2013) [wulfy1978]

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Sort: Games Updated: Jan 23, 2013 Adaptation: 1.3.2 Scope: 27.3 MB Interaction: English Seller: Woodland Jong-suk © INT EQUAL Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod enhance, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. About this flood: Be the star of Calun Continent! You must guard the princess and set apart juvenile girls from the army of darkness. Do you have what it takes to be a hero? ───────────────────── ★★★ Features ★★★ ★ Iffy Side-Scrolling Exertion RPG — Hone your search, demolish, and set apart tactics by tailoring your inventory to chance on the consonant challenges posed by each organize. Grenades, mines, traps, scrolls, various weapons, and multitudes of consumable items add up to flexile ferocity! ★ Wipe out hordes of enemies with arousing combos! — Use just one button to do various combo attacks! (On/Off in plucky selection) ★ Breathtaking Fete Act A Stress: Guard the mage princess! — Do a gear job of protecting Her Highness, and she'll use her deviltry to help you in difference. — The princess can be either a Cleric or Mage, and you can upgrade her like you would your major character—teach her skills, furnish apparatus, and heighten her Focus Be to access more substantial abilities. ★ Randomized Maps — Randomized landscape is complemented by the randomized map arrangement not only are the discrete areas newly created each dated you act a stress, the map generated by each new plucky is unique—you rely entirely on your instincts and crystal detector to awaken the fairy two-dated and the boss you must stop! ★ Deep Gratify — Over 150 items and upgradeable gears with various options — RPG-inspired art arrangement gives your atypical an wonderful 44 different skills to learn and upgrade — After playing the 5 Stable stages, you can change on to the Survival and Chaos modes where you can fancy fights in up to 999 Waves. ★ Unbelievably calm controls optimized for all iPhone specs — Plucky effectuation is optimized for iPhones including iPod Enhance. — Fancy lag-subject to, calm gameplay under any circumstances. What's New in Adaptation 1.3.2 Some bug fixes