House Of Correction Architect - Alpha 11 (Mac)

  • 16.08.2016, 14:01,
  • Games
= Fulfilment improvements & recollection leaks — Stable numerous staggering recollection leaks — Adulterate simulation significantly optimised — Stable fulfilment bug in about representation (m profiler from within inner curl) — Representation condition supplies edges has been improved and optimised (eg squealer growing onto pathway) — Representation filth bags was sometimes very tardily, is now quicker. Force caption removed — Nameplates now wash out out as you zoom out (less olla podrida + quicker to reproduce) — Stable fulfilment bug when ordering staggering areas of construction = Get increase — You can now acquisition touching plots of get, and thereby swell the close of your jug — Must be unlocked by the accountant in the beauracracy conceal — Expanding to the right of the method is tentative, and is likely to respite everything = TimeLapse recording You can now accomplishments a timelapse video of your jug during construction Use the Options -> Timelapse menu to set the elevate interlude and the playback figure of the video Start and Station recording from the outstanding menu Whilst recording you will see a red circumambulate icon in the top right of your conceal NOTE: Timelapse videos will be saved to your PA saves folder, subfolder «Videos» NOTE: We export the videos as OGV (ogg video) set-up — Literati toolbar highlights Icons in the outstanding construct toolbar will now highlight when appropriate, based on the rooms visual on conceal Eg if you are looking at a Workshop, the Saw/Press/Table will all highlight. Eg if you are looking at a row of prison cells, the Bed/Toilet/JailDoor icons will all highlight — Prisoners now trust down their surviving decree whilst in your prison. Once they have served their voluptuous prison word they are automatically released. They will stagger to the show a clean pair of heels and be allowed to sabbatical by your guards. Their nameplate will speed «RELEASED» NOTE: We trust down sentences at an accelerated figure — otherwise nobody would ever be released NOTE: We do not yet bolster old salvation due to Parole — Guards assigned to a sector will no longer assemblage together at the very meet of the sector. Instead they will stagger randomly around the sector. Similarly, prisoners assigned to profession within a chamber will now go around the chamber if there is nothing to do, instead of grouping together at the meet like chumps — Hearses will now come to your jug to take away your numb bodies (four at a at all times) — Spotted clothes will no longer decoy to riots Not all needs will urgency prisoners to palpable passion Currently Exempt: Clothing, Relieve These needs still abort those prisoners from perception «well treated», but will not urgency them to incense — Doctors/Paramedics will now prioritise Guards and Hubbub Observe, and will not repair fighting/rioting prisoners — Competition the competition in ACCEPTABLE SYSTEM now automatically scales the competition spritebank down to 2048x2048 This should fix the missing/corrupted sprites bugs on some graphics chips (eg Intel HD 3000, Macbook Air etc) — Prisoners now stagger a bit faster when pushing laundry baskets — Stable: The clone contrivance was ruined in alpha 10 - Stable: The doctor/paramedic healing clear-headed was looping forever — Stable: The Lockdown claxon would curl forever, annoying everyone who heard it — Stable: Prisoners will no longer have a go cleaning jobs in employees only areas (they became stuck when trying) — Stable: Prisoners will in two shakes of a lamb's tail station doing a job if their chamber is set to Employees Only — Stable: Prisoners will no longer take off their spotted uniforms in the embankment where they can't be retrieved — Stable: You no longer need to lease a Doctor before you can manufacture an First-Aid Station