Age of Wushu Line v2.0 mod

  • 16.08.2016, 15:12,
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New threats and challenges develop as tensions quieten down in the solid ground of Jianghu. The Ming Emperor seeks to assert his dominance over the staunch arts schools, dispatching his agents — the ever-lurking Nobles Guards — to order his demand. breaks out in the streets as machination plays out through the halls of the Grand Court in this latest update to the animating deed of Age of Wushu House. Initiate on a travel become the last Kung Fu warrior and identify your big wheel within! Go a Stylized Fantastic set in Archaic China Travel a visually marvellous accepted fantastic filled with undisturbed peach blossom orchards, bustling town streets, and scorched battlefields! With perfectly 3D animations and PC-plane graphics, Age of Wushu House transports heroes to Ming House China, with stylized era outfits and reliable environments modeled on genuine locations! Match for Power with 5 Schools Settle Upon from four Staunch Arts Schools to be with on the avenue to identify the power within! Each devotees offers in perfect accord opportunities in an profoundly emblem customization group – big wheel the Taichi Sword as a high-ranking Wudang principal, or volley ninja annihilation from the shadows as the cunning Tangmen. Be With a devotees, big wheel the arts, and vie with dissident schools to identify your lot! Spirit-pounding Anarchist Donnybrook Become a steady big wheel of staunch arts with Age of Wushu Dynasty’s anarchist donnybrook group. Go beyond elementary lackey ‘n slit mechanics with shrewd genuine-days donnybrook. Obstruct new attacks, days your parry, and put to annihilation feints to hole through defenses and disappoint your the opposition. Big Wheel in perfect accord expertise sets to make with blades, staffs, daggers, and elementary hands! Ignite your Kungfu energy with intense Seethe attacks and bring to an end your adversaries! Contest Rivals in PvP Who will be the last defender of Jianghu? Go a cut-throat fantastic of ninja assassins and Kungfu heroes, as players donnybrook it out in organized and unobstructed fantastic PvP. Make your way to the top in 1 on 1 Arena battles. Prowl behind the opposition lines with Spycraft, and be with together in Guilds to donnybrook for hegemony in PvP Guild Raids! «An horrific lot of things just right!» – Keep Gamer "Best Mechanical Spirited at E3” – OnRPG "Excellent visuals and aesthetic staunch arts!” – Get To Arcade "Sure to be a exquisite, clash-brim-full spirited for all to get a kick!” – App Warning What’s new: 1. Bring About to power with a new devotees — the Nobles Guards 2. Check your stick-to-it-iveness in the Mountain Hua PvP Arena! 3. Be With the make with up to 240 players in new Guild War course 4. Identify power with new internal and outer skills: Quintessence Wildly, Devil's Palm, Feral Personnel and Transcendence 5. All new outfits and weapon skins available for acquisition in spirited What’s in the mod: Measureless Mana Position APK,Class figures folder in SDCard/Android/Obb/ and challenge. Requires Android OS2.3.3 and up
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