Evolving Planet Gold Number v1.0.8

  • 16.08.2016, 15:35,
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Uncover a mortify full-bodied of wonder, jeopardize, fun, treasures… and frogs! And dinosaurs! And cavemen! Exploit One's Part through Evolvement Planet’s islands and link up the creatures that energetic there. Mate them together, pinch them stronger and help them thrash their contemptible mutant versions. What will you obtain while you go from atoll to island? VIRGINAL FUN! From the very start you will see for yourself that playing Evolvement Planet is tolerant, but genuinely fun and challenging as well. Come Together three creatures and they will whirl into a stronger one. Decide a procedure of your own to whip each dispute. At the end of the day, you will be evolving your creatures like a dab hand. UNCOVER THEM ALL! Three amoebas pinch a jellyfish. Three jellyfishes pinch a frog. Three frogs pinch a… What’s the highest evolvement level? Who can thrash the dinosaur? Each new living thing physical is a new take. TRAVEL 6 QUEER ISLANDS (THAT IS A LOT OF LEVELS!) Evolvement Planet is a stirring jeopardize that will supply you hours of fun. Due your roam with these amusing creatures through forests, icy lands, volcanos, deserts… All of them featuring marvellous atmospheric and lighting effects. Be Wary of the meteorites! THE BAD GUYS ARE COMING! Everything in sentience has a dusky side, even your trustworthy creatures. Confront their mutant understanding in epic battles, and use your stalwartness and your wits to prevail over the heinous fixed bosses if you want to go on with your roam. Eat or get eaten. TREASURES EVERYWHERE Gems, jewel chests, important items… Do you like collecting things? Then you will really take to having a bath of gems in the gratuity levels. Get organize to have an awesome encounter. Take To Evolvement Planet and untangle the famed sort out of evolvement! What’s new: * Solved errors with Android 6.0.x on some devices. * Petty fixes and improvements. Instal APK,Mortify figures folder in SDCard/Android/Obb/ and exploit one's part. Requires Android OS 4.1 and up