Physical Kombat X 1.7.0 mega mod Tegra

  • 16.08.2016, 16:57,
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Face the over-the-top, visceral fighting of ENORMOUS KOMBAT X! Train the power of next-gen gaming to your sensitive and stone contrivance with this visually groundbreaking fighting and index card amassment strategy. Collect an elite group of Enormous Kombat warriors and establish yourself in the greatest fighting competition on Soil. UNREFINED 3 v 3 KOMBAT Beget your own group of Enormous Kombat fighters and man them into fight to rate face, new unorthodox attacks, and influential artifacts. BIG ROSTER OF FIGHTERS Gather Up Enormous Kombat veterans like Scorpion, Johnny Coop, Sub-Zero, Sonya, Kitana, Ermac, and many others. Espy the newest additions to Enormous Kombat such as the insect-like D’Vorah, peppery Cassie Coop, murderous Kotal Khan, and the uncanny Kung Jin. JAW DROPPING X-RAYS AND FATALITIES Enormous Kombat X brings its trademark Fatalities and X-Rays to sensitive, with fabulous graphics, these over the top moves bop you right in the guts. CONFRONTATION OTHER PLAYERS Fight with other players in Infighting Wars, an online competitive state where players catch other performer teams. Weight up in your own Faction’s leaderboard to rate weekly prizes. UPON ALLIES INTO FIGHT Deal other players to be your Confederate. Touch Someone For a kombatant and sock a decisive blow one's top against your enemies. UNLOCK REWARDS IN BOTH THE SOOTHE AND SENSITIVE STRATEGY Impose On Behave the strategy and unlock excepting rewards for the soothe adaptation of Enormous Kombat X, including ultra rare characters like Klassic Kitana and Partisanship Scorpion. Playing the soothe adaptation unlocks rewards in sensitive as well. GIVE HEED TO: * Enormous Kombat X features grand distinction visuals. Gig is not optimized on devices with less than 1GB RAM. ** A littlest of 1.5 GB of permitted break is required on your contrivance. Components is ordinarily acceptable for ages 17 and up. Contains testy damage, blood, and butchery. What’s new: New Gold versions of Shinnok, Johnny Coop and Reptile have been added, along with Crucifix-Stage unlocks Tuxedo Cassie and Cyber Jacqui. Also, discredit new Paraphernalia, Shinnok’s Talisman provides several advantages. New Booster Packs and Bug Fixes as well! Mega Mod Info: 1. Unfathomable Souls 2. Unfathomable Koins 3. Unfathomable Confederate Upon 4. Contestant has Zero Touchness 5. Contestant has Zero Restoration 6. Unfathomable Drive of Cards 7. Performer has fastest Facility. Contestant has slowest Facility 8. Anti-ban 9. Unfathomable Healthfulness 10 Unlocked Characters 11 Unlocked Backgrounds This is the Tegra GPU adaptation Berth the strategy from Google Impose On Behave and end the downloading at 2%. After that, berth APK of your gpu adaptation. Then berth details folder in SDCard/Android/Obb/ and impose on behave. Requires: Android OS 4.0 and up