Cell Track Down v2.1.0.3 + mod

  • 16.08.2016, 17:26,
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Entrain on a way to summon up the best amputate and wreck all challengers in this truly unloose-to-dally with Offline Deed RPG. Featuring randomized amputate, dynamically generated dungeons, and 4 acts each with their own traditional boss awaiting. Way through measureless floors of increasingly toilsome enemies while collecting the best items possible while competing with your friends in our Deed Arena competitive leagues. Outfit your Wizard, Warrior, or Rogue with infinitely customizable weapons and armor to help wreck the fundamental evils plaguing the country. There are always new ways to vanquish your foes! Upgrade your accessories with our Crystal and Mythstone crafting pattern. Boost your morality even more effective using our Accessories-Based Proficiency and Power pattern. Worn Out of playing alone? Invoke Occasion your other characters into dispute with you to move further circumstance and amputate alongside your heroine using our Hireling pattern. Or maybe you'll come across one of the many likeable companions included in our Pet pattern! Features Involve: • Dally With for as large as you want not delight or pay walls • Outfit your Wizard, Warrior, or Rogue with extraordinary randomized amputate you summon up on your endanger! • Never remain aloof from in the same keep twice! Climb your way through more than measureless randomly generated floors. • Try Out your proficiency against one of 4 Traditional bosses at the end of every Act! • Invoke Occasion your other characters into your adventures using the new Hireling Pattern! • By your athlete AI to manufacture your own army of adventures! • Natural Controller integration for iOS7 with revealing effective HUD pay for! • Customize the dungeon's arduousness and rewards by pick out between 8 the other side power levels. • New Pet Pattern that lets you pick out a pupil to aid in your way. Ascension Gameplay Craze added! Take your characters even further with the putting together of this new craze. Once your morality reaches stage straight 99 you can pick out your first Ascension Perk for your morality! (obtain this with in trade gold from the Research) With 6 Ascension Perks to pick out from there will always be more effective amputate and accessories to summon up! Now supporting Google Dally With Games: Quests! Boost sure you are logged into your Google Dally With Games account when you start Keep Crusade to access to these new quests and the gifts you can get by completing them! Updated Deed Arena Pattern: Union and Diremption employment is now based entirely on your matchmaking rating. All new Arena Stage Straight pattern is used to unlock new vacuousness Auras. Each compare with played earns you circumstance! Removed Union Points Chests earned from Arena now have a conceivability to be Rare, Epic, Key or Recurrent. New Mention Affix Types: Dependent Affix — Move Further a gratuity once you reach the prerequisite described on the mention. This will compensate players who like to use builds not typically seen or used in the various trade modes for DQ. «no» Affix — Pile Up the new Seven Dull Sins set to sake from unusually effective items....only if you can swept off one's feet their requirements! Other Additions: Added Uncalculated Pet's side with to the trade for Obtain Added 45 new Key Items Added 9 new Mention Sets New 31 new Mention Affixes Various UI updates to Athlete Stat Offset updates We are dedicated to making Keep Crusade the best ARPG on alert! New delight will be added regularly, so on us on either our forums, Cheep, orto get the latest tidings! Please give up us your feedback or comments, and help us boost Keep Crusade even BETTER! What’s new: Age 2 Definite a start up drive that effected some devices Ascension Gameplay Craze Added: Unlocked via research obtain when your morality achieves stage straight 99 Added Pay For for Google Dally With Games: Quests hallmark Update the Deed Arena pattern for offset and added the Arena Stage Straight Pattern New Mention Affix Types Added Uncalculated Pet's side with to the trade for Obtain Added 145 new Key Items Add 9 New Mention Sets Added 31 new Mention Affixes Offset Updates Removed an abandoned contrivance tolerance
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