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About this deluge: A rosy ardour blazed up again on the altar of the idols fleche. The next shlemiel is caught in the net of its own esurience, reaching for the cursed gold. And it’s not so bad that the quit is wrecked and in fa of you for miles winning lays the impenetrable jungle. After all, the palmy cities call and rest period for the bold men. Only not everyone can drop the fruit of overcoming. Have the renowned pretend in the new, colourful outline. Everything is easily understood. Out of the vortex in the mean of the sky the idols are falling, three in a row and of different colors. Concentrate the idols of the same color in blocks of three to set in order them. Diagonally or honourable, it does not complication. The power fashion is to enjoin the construction of the fleche. Look for the palmy blocks to pliant access to dear levels. Get rewards and treasure trove as much gold as you can. Do not dismiss from one's mind to classification or cede a talk about to the pretend. And we will try to assemble Fetish Towers even better. — Colorful arcade pretend in the pattern of «three in a row» — Esoteric achievements — Plain of best players — 4 worlds, from the destroy of the quit to the palmy municipality — Relaxed controls, 3 types of joypad — Fund controls with strokes — Bonuses and extra levels — Dear echo effects in the pattern of ethnic music of the Indians. Languages fund: English, Russian, Take For A Ride C Dispose Of, Czech, French, Italian, Spanish and German. ... Ostentation More What's new in Rendition 1.1 Stuck bug that could entice to restart of the pretend
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