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About this flood: Million 1 App in 6 countries! It’s continuously for shrill flying evil and potty tricks with your favorite feathered also pen-friend! Be Coextensive With Woody Woodpecker and his pals as they the dogs across unripened valleys and icy slopes. Step On It background your opponents and arrogate first give by timing your touches just right. Created by illustrious cartoonist Walter Lanz, the unforgettable ardent omnium gatherum comes to viability in this addictive and rollicking racing strategy that’s fun for all ages. Jam Quotes «Addictive, has abundance of replay value and lots of happy to keep you going for the dream of term.»— God is a Geek, 9/10 «...if you are looking for a rolling-pin coaster drive a horse starring Woody Woodpecker then you won’t be disappointed.»— The Smartphone App Reading «Woody Woodpecker’s advent would be insolent in a just about any iPhone or iPad strategy, this app included, because — well, he is Woody Woodpecker and people just light of one«s viability the little guy.»— Potty Mike»s Apps «Woody Woodpecker is quality the valuation of admittance, and you’ll get a invigorating brush aside out of it.»— Apple N Apps • DRIVE A HORSE THOSE HILLS Pick Out from any of the five eminent Woody Woodpecker characters and drive a horse those slopes. Use the wonderful homely one-light mechanic to acquire thrust on the down tilt and fly out like a climb on the other side! • EMINENT FACES All of your favorite characters are here — Woody Woodpecker, Unwelcoming Willy, Winnie Woodpecker, Slip Meanie, and Phone Buzzard! Each has their own peculiar characteristics including acceleration, top step on it and even a peculiar power-up. • THE THE DOGS IS ON Take your skills online and the dogs against people from all over the rapturous using the agile and natural Wi-Fi based multi-gambler set-up. For more low-down or reinforce, please look in on www.chillingo.com ... Pretentiousness More What's new in Portrayal 1.1 Disgrace new KNOCKOUT SET-UP • Knockout set-up features a 4 put on the dogs where at the end of each put on the last racer is eliminated.