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--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS 444444444 AAA SS:::::::::::::::S 4::::::::4 A:::A S:::::SSSSSS::::::S 4:::::::::4 A:::::A S:::::S SSSSSSS 4::::44::::4 A:::::::A S:::::S 4::::4 4::::4 A:::::::::A S:::::S 4::::4 4::::4 A:::::A:::::A S::::SSSS 4::::4 4::::4 A:::::A A:::::A SS::::::SSSSS 4::::444444::::444 A:::::A A:::::A SSS::::::::SS 4::::::::::::::::4 A:::::A A:::::A SSSSSS::::S4444444444:::::444 A:::::AAAAAAAAA:::::A S:::::S 4::::4 A:::::::::::::::::::::A S:::::S 4::::4 A:::::AAAAAAAAAAAAA:::::A SSSSSSS S:::::S 4::::4 A:::::A A:::::A S::::::SSSSSS:::::S 44::::::44 A:::::A A:::::A S:::::::::::::::SS 4::::::::4 A:::::A A:::::A SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS 4444444444AAAAAAA AAAAAAA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PopCap.Plants.vs.Zombies.HD.v1.0.5.iPad-Lz0PDA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LineZer0! cpN cRo presents PDA SECTION PopCap.Plants.vs.Zombies.HD v1.0.5 Unloosing Pass : 2012-02-25 Nfo Pass : 2012-02-25 Num. Disks : xx/06 OS : iPad Nfo Interval : 13:37 Rel Species : Instant Cracker : Troupe Lz0PDA Archive : lz0*.zip Packer : Troupe Lz0PDA Rating : Your pick Supplier : Troupe Lz0PDA Terminology : English Safe Keeping : DRM Requirements : Jailbroken iPad,iPhone or iPod Brush Publisher URL : http://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/id363282253 Publisher : &#151; (-) Keyfile / Empower (-) Emulator (-) Bring To Terms (-) Serial (x) Cracked .EXE / .iPA (-) Retail (-) Keygen (-) Trainer (-) Loader (-) Other 1999 &#151; 2012 + I N F O + Just another app/game/tool ... + I N S T A L L + Introduce via iTunes. + J O I N + So you are interested in joining one of the most prominent groups of all time? Then you might want to at reading. Not only can we tender whatever your nitty-gritty might solicit, but becoming release of the dispose will also be one of the more substantive decisions you perhaps will take. Ever since our day one in 1999 we?ve strived to fill up a dispose that not only is a dispose of understanding, but a assembly of people that wants fondness, loyalty, consider and fun. Obdurate employment is what has brought us where we are today, and obdurate employment is also what we would want from you. Given the amount of hours we all put into this every day, we like to see our self as a supporting people. We compete to take direction of each other and thus ? requited consider is the requisite of our dispose. We never pushed for being elite, as we do not believe that any of us justify the standing of the elitists. Every associate of our dispose is taught to honor the next guy or gal with the same consider as he or her demands for themselves. The same planning applies to how we look at other groups. Are you genial to become release of a family? Do you think you have what it takes? Then now is the interval to get up and forgive to us. Perhaps you will identify a new entr to persevere with us. Amenable positions are as follows, but if you do characterize oneself as you have something to role in with but characterize oneself as that it doesn?t fit any of the amenable positions, then do forgive to us and let us be the referee of that. CRACKERS Do you have a to identify solutions to various safe keeping schemes? May it be unpacking, patching, decree algorithms or emulating? We?re always amenable for individuals that want to inflate their understanding in reversing. You are required to have some former understanding in reversing as we do not mentor people from bruise. Former familiarity from other place groups is chattels, but not a unavoidability. Unsure if you qualify? Forgive To us, and we?ll take based on your qualities. Be ready-to-serve that we will marketability examples of preceding employment. If you have indepth familiarity with IOS, Android or Symbian &#151; then we would very much like to get in brush with you. CODERS You?re energetic about coding, you girlfriend to optimize and assemble various projects; we always have projects ranging from smaller ones to tidy ones that are in need of gathering. If you are joining our people as a coder you will be appointed a diversity of projects that will bullyrag you to do your best and will probably also do duty as as a intimate way of becoming an even greater coder. Projects are ranging from database integrations, IRC bots, and cracktros to tools and surety oriented condition. Examples of preceding employment will be required and familiarity beyond 2 years is also a necessity. SUPPLIERS Do you have access to chattels titles? Perhaps you forgive reviews for iOS games? Or is just a accumulator of said games and have a tidy library to use to supply? Forgive To us today and we will see if your titles are something we?d like to put some trouble into. SITES You?ve been sustained a dedicated and well supported introduce for more than 6 months, the introduce has grown some status be known and your rod as well as the chosen relate decree is surety oriented. We do not undergo sites that are sustained of rented boxes; neither do we undergo sites located in Joint States of America, Germany or Austria. The sprint of the introduce does not argument, what do argument is that it?s unchangeable, it?s fill up fast and above all ? the thorough introduce as well as troupe is operating encrypted. You characterize oneself as that this might be you? Then let us know today, and we will be getting treacherously to you before long. BOX OPERATORS You have been sustained hosting services for years; either being BNC solutions or IRC daemons ? or perhaps just have some boxes that you might think we can use. You?re an administrator of a network and have uncut direction over the box, the network bailiwick and access levels. If so, then you are someone we are interested to talk to. Keep in have any objection to that we do not tender any boxes residing in the same countries as mentioned under ?SITES?. About, we all started out somewhere so do not keep yourself from contacting us judgement you aren?t chattels enough to help out, let us take that. + L E G A L + Our releases are made to fill up sure that the end-buyer is able to fully a name before going into a as well as slack the end-buyer an break to fill up backup copies of titles he or she already owns. Please do consider our posture on this and fill up sure that you buy the required licenses upon deciding to buy the goods. Consider the software authors that have put interval, the ready and trouble into creating the name you now have in your share. 1. You should only use this name for the duration of interval as you take if this is the right goods for you on one's own or for your problem. Upon deciding that this is the goods you are looking for then we egg on you to buy the necessary licenses. 2. If you already own this name then this unloosing can be used as a substitute to the nonconformist disks for backup and archiving purposes. This is helpful if you own a tidy set of various titles that all call for dongles to run and you keep on mixing up the dongles. Our releases have removed those checks and thus will be more helpful to use. Again, this should only be the casket if you own the required licenses. 3. We do not wish for our releases to be very much spread across web boards, P2P networks and the like. While we do know that occurs we strongly allege people to not dispensation these titles at such places. 4. The dispose is not tortuous with the spreading of the unloosing, prejudiced files or any of the cracks. The classification of our releases are all done by third parties ? and as such according to the laws of the countries where our members reside, it is not our task what others decides to do with these releases. 5. You are NOT allowed to order our titles with the intense of earning the ready. This name is not yours to vend. We, as a dispose, do not participate in such actions and we plead to those that are judgement about selling pirated titles, reconsider ? not only are you hurting us seeing our releases being misused, but above all ? you are actually filching profit from the software authors. 6. We do not take any task of computer or figures disadvantage that may become manifest from using our releases. Keep in have any objection to that you are using a third dinner party solving that does not come from the nonconformist software authors. However we compete to fill up faultless releases so the chances of something like that circumstance are slim. 7. The convention of our cracks is right in most countries outside of the Joint States, if and only if you own a uncut photocopy of the program or willing. But you are required to interpret the end buyer empower agreements (EULAs) that comes with the various titles to be sure that you are not violating any agreements. According to the DMCA ACT in the Joint States you have no rights to circumvent any photocopy safe keeping. Keep this in have any objection to as the penalties for doing so there are harder than if you boa the realized name from the self. Our dishonourable of gumshoe however is not located in the states, and thus we are not secured by any of the legislations like ?no electronic snitching act? ?digital millennium copyright act? or ?the nationalist act?. But you as a end-buyer might be, so be certain to interpret the EULAs that you accede to to upon installing something to fill up sure you are not breaking any family laws. For Good, we do egg on you to travel the amenable author community. In most cases you will identify amenable and untenanted software that does exactly what you need, and it won?t tariff you anything. At the same interval you can take advantage of the concern of doing something chattels, and brace the amenable author community. By using this unloosing you accede to to the proclamation written above, and undergo that the task to grind ever the convention of this name is right or not is with you and you only. Fill Up sure that you catch on to the what it takes risks of using this unloosing. + G R E E T S + rGPDA, uCFPDA, FALLEN, PDAZone, BLZPDA SHOCKpDA, dawning, SyMPDA, DVTPDA, CSCPDA, HSpda CHEMiCAL resistance (CRO) + C O N T A C T + If you want to forgive to the dispose either for a amenable membership introduce, for a introduce tender or just want to let us know that some unloosing might be unsound, then we welcome your rejoinder. However we do not send out releases, files from releases, cracks or understanding to where you might identify this. For swift rejoinder you might want to search for us online, if you can get along to lacuna then send us an email on the discourse below. EMAIL : <a href=«/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection» figures-cfemail=«432f2a2d2639263173032d263127302b2220286d202c2e»[email protected]</a UPDATED : 4th of November 2011 ascii proudly done by cpN of cRo in 2oo6 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------