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GA MAN X About this spate: The wonderful piece de resistance of the fray distraction "MEGA MAN X” now powered up! With multifariousness of weapons and reinforcing parts, disperse Sigma’s night-convenience life appetite down!! ------------ ◆Upgrades in variety 1.01.10 comprehend: ・ “TIME RACE” was added in “RANKING MODE”! Collide by the convenience life to remove and aim intoxication ranking! ・ Supporting iPad and iPad2! Encounter admirable graphics and mighty cover! ------------ ◆Supporting Instrument iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S with iOS 4.3 or better / iPod be up against 3rd Siring or newer / iPad, iPad2 ※Please note that iPod be up against (8GB, Ideal No. A1288) is not supported (Ideal No. is on the go of the instrument). ◆Power-up points 1. 【Supporting Retina Show!】 “MEGA MAN X”’s old written was localized! 2. 【2 Show Modes!!】 In counting up to “REGULAR MODE” which displays whole cover of the distraction, “FULL FASHION,” which displays plenary iPhone show, is available! 3. 【3 Levels of Problem!】 In “STORY MODE”, there are 3 choices (“EASY”, “NORMAL” and “HARD”) for the focus be of problem! Judge “EASY”, so that some stepping stones will appear to ban prayers falling! If you are courageous enough, try “HARD”!! ※“HARD” will be added with next update. 4. 【Ranking Fashion! (Role supporting Distraction Center)】 “RANKING MODE” to collide ranking with other users will be available! Collide with slash gain in “SCORE ATTACK”, and with convenience life side clearing trump up in “TIME RACE”! Also other modes are going be added with coming updates! ※ Update convenience life not resolute. 5. 【80 Challenges!! (Role supporting Distraction Center)】 20 challenges in the Chink Trump Up of “STORY MODE” (*1)!! There are 60 in following stages, so there are 80 challenges completely! ※(*1) does not supports Distraction Center. 6.【Support Items for Your Advantages to Put Cooperate the Distraction on!!】 When you cannot suss out reinforcing parts while you are playing the distraction, or when you want to power up straight away, get the items from “CUSTOMIZE” cover! “FULL ARMOUR”, “FULL WEAPON” etc. are available for you to operate c misbehave on playing with advantages! Try discounted “Perfect Set” to be strongest! *Items are available as in-app leverage. *To leverage the items 3G or Wi-Fi conditions is necessary. ------------ ◆Operating Methods Move・・・・・Direction button Shot・・・Attack button Jump・・・Jump button Shift Weapon・・・Change Weapon button on the right top Bright Change・・・Try heart-breaking the top of the distraction cover! And scroll your contribute right and radical then let it go; you can shift the weapon bright and unexacting! Dismounting Journey Armor・・・Tap the icon on the right top ------------ To the Fantastic of “MEGA MAN X”!! Obstruct Capcom’s latest updates on Chatter! Chatter: What's new in Variety 1.01.10 ・ Added “TIME RACE” in “RANKING MODE”! Aim the top peerage with convenience life side of clearing the trump up!! ・ Supported iPad and iPad2! Encounter admirable graphics and mighty cover!!
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