Dishonored GOTY Mac (Wineskin + Split)

  • 16.08.2016, 23:31,
  • Games
My open and above-board apologies for messing up so unfortunately on my last (first) gushing. I made a feeble-minded idiot blooper because I missed an worthy not according with. I had to be over seeding and rub the gushing entrance, because I had everything done, except I forgot to put the into the dmg troop. So this one is not an exhaust DMG. My apologies again. That's what I get for trying to do this at 3 in the morning. What this is: Dishonored GOTY for Mac, using wineskin, the fracture is already applied. How I did it: I downloaded both the Dishonored Wineskin Mac (which doesn't come with DLC), and I also downloaded the PC Adventurous of the Year adaptation. I installed the GOTY in Crossover. Then I went into Enclose Contents on the Wineskin Mac adaptation, and copied over all the files from the GOTY adaptation. Then I added the fracture. This adventurous works on 10.8.5 and on Retina Exposition Macs. If you exchange between applications in fullscreen rage, it will duress the adventurous into windowed rage, even though the adventurous still thinks its fullscreen. The only way to get rough to fullscreen rage is to hold the adventurous, depart from out of it stock, and reopen it. However, this is a question with Wineskin, not the adventurous. Again, I genuinely explanations for posting a confused DMG in my first shot. I establish you, the very same adaptation of Dishonored that I decry is on this DMG. I desire you get a kick. And if you can, buy the adventurous! Draigaur