Cosmo's Cosmic Hazard (v2.0.0.1) [GOG]

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Instal instructions: — Run «setup_cosmos_cosmic_adventure_2.0.0.1.exe» — Against Genus: Exertion — Arcade — Platformer Works on: Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10), Mac OS X (10.6.8) and Linux (Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04) Languages: Audio and reader: English Features: solitary select-competitor Released: Slog 1, 1992 Assay: 14 MB Retinue: Apogee Software, Ltd. / 3D Realms Cache call: Included goodies: hintsheet + soundtrack About: He’s country-like with red spots, has suction cups for hands, and he’s got an overbite! His name is Cosmo and he is a girlish newcomer disabuse of on his way to pop in a magic-honoured game put with his parents. That is, until their carry is struck by a blazing comet, forcing them to obtain on an unmapped planet. While his Dad repairs the carry, Cosmo heads off to look into the unusual planet. Upon returning, both his Mom and Dad are gone, and big, daunting newcomer disabuse of footprints are all around his carry! Oh no! Have Cosmo's parents been captured? Under Any Circumstances to be eaten? Well, Cosmo is off to the release. Cosmo«s Cosmic Feat is an sexy tour across a forbidden planet right of dangers and surprises. Cosmo is a taking extraordinarily-earthly with a major power: he has hands that industry like suction cups! He can attach to walls, ledges, and all sorts of things. Using his suction hands, Cosmo is able to circumvent dangers, ascend cliffs and get to places other aliens can»t reach. Can he safeguard his parents before they're lightly accustomed and devoured? Lowest way requirements — Windows: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10, 1.8 GHz Processor, 512MB RAM (1 GB recommended), 3D graphics slated compatible with DirectX 7 (compatible with DirectX 9 recommended), 2GB HDD, Mouse, Keyboard