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THE NEXT EPOCH OF AIR BATTLE GAMING IS HERE! With an global set aside actress fighting and a vast set of multiplayer modes, the non-hinder fighting will keep you at the ill at ease of your stool! Become the greatest noble of the skies in the latest Sky Gamblers nickname: Promptly War! Go rough in then with this gigantic nickname and be division of unwritten information and covert operations. Dig the allure and power of the Jet Fighter despotism race meeting and dab hand over a dozen airplane models. CHEER UP WORTH GAMING! Unmatched visuals, different effects and audio including: eliminate mapping, atmospheric soup, volumetric clouds with unromantic lighting, sun brilliance, day & continuously transitions, God rays and more! EXPANDING CHAIN OF SET ASIDE-ACTRESS MODES After the fighting, augment your skills with Dogfight Missions, Survival, Unchained for All, Span Deathmatch, Collar the Label, Fortify the Filthy and more to come in the later! UNRIVALED STORE OF ONLINE MODES Invite your friends to gamble online with cooperative and competitive modes available: Survival, Unchained For All, Span Deathmatch, Collar the Label and Fortify the Filthy plus Unchained Excursion and Match Center duels! IMMERSIVE GAMEPLAY Take off and native land on alighting strips and carriers. You will fly in fully recreated cities with unromantic indisposed, nice atmospheric soup with aerial outlook and decidedly complicated planes with interactive cockpits. CUSTOMIZE YOUR MATCH AND ELEVATE YOUR SKILLS Sky Gamblers: Promptly War is designed for players of all generations and quickness levels, whether old hand or trainee. You can even make an exit the flying to the auto-conductor while you sparkle missiles and emergence squadron commands! MATCH CENTER, AirPlay and iCloud Since this all takes situate on Apple devices, iCloud buttress has been integrated so players can deliver and partition go forwards across devices while AirPlay allows them to use an Apple TV to gamble the match on a in general publicize. Climb the Match Center leaderboards, doubt friends and unlock all achievements. Please send us your impressions and suggestions, help us specify bugs. We want to hyperbolize your gaming episode the best you’ve ever had. Please stop our buttress area at Like us on Facebook: Devote Oneself To us on @atypicalgames Sky Gamblers: Promptly War is compatible with AirPlay and Apple TV. The persons, things, and events shown in this match are fanciful, and are not representations of any realistic bodily, affair, or emergence, and any similarity is lucky. No producer or other bodily or organism associated with any realistic agency, destination, repair, or upshot has endorsed, authorized, or approved this match, or is in any way associated with Revo Solutions SRL, Atypical Games LLC, or any other authorized publisher or distributor of this match. To gamble online requires a wi-fi or internet link. Whats New in Type 1.0.1 Added a new airplane! Reduced overall connect square footage Improved visual effects Stationary iCloud sync problems Various bug fixes DIG!