[+] LostWinds2: WInter of the Melodias - v1.2 (Cracked)

  • 16.08.2016, 23:55,
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This tide contains LostWinds2: Winter of the Melodias (v1.2) by Far Reaches Developments Ltd, cracked for the Apple iPhone & iPad. About this tide:: Deflection seasons help and forth between Winter and Summer at will, and use all Enril the Impending Spirit’s stirring new primordial powers — plus those from the first plucky — to successfully leader and cover the unfledged boy Toku. Balasar has sent a nocuous, intense antagonist and a drove of new minions to foil your uninterrupted clash to his execrate and protect the captivating crowd of Mistralis. A crusade to freeing Toku’s old woman, Magdi, becomes a spillway against convenience life through spectacular and exquisitely interactive new regions of Mistralis. Toku and Enril route through the colourful Summerfalls Village – now trouble by a base continuous winter and living in revere of Snow Monsters — to the frozen mountains of Chilling Peaks and the sumptuous, evidently lonely Melodia New Zealand Urban Area. They come to return that the bosky handy of Balasar has entwined Magdi’s immediate destruction with the disappearance of the hoary Melodia people centuries ago... — Harness the magnificence of mould: Sonte, Enthusiasm of Seasons' astonishing powers let you instantly mutate Mistralis between Summer and Winter at will to aid your growth 
— Frozen Winter ponds and waterfalls become teeming Summer pools in which Toku can saloon and unlock secrets
 — Serve As snowballs from the air or orchestrate moisture-laden clouds to help with your crusade 
— Adept Enril’s rediscovered inconceivable cyclone power, using it to fetch Toku, smash intense enemies and even discipline through the finished around you
 — Amiable new regions of Mistralis demand spectacular arenas for Toku’s jumps and glides
 — New enemies and well-known foes to buffet, smash, congeal, long and douse 
— New characters to befriend and puzzles to untangle on your stake to take pleasure in the stealthily of the Melodias’ disappearance..
 — Includes Plucky Center integration and Achievements
 — The ‘Snapshot’ have a role lets you add plucky characters to your own photos and allowance with friends Changelog: 
Bug fixes and finance for iOS 6 and iPhone 5, iPad mini, 4th propagation iPad. Don't fail to root! _ ( (( = ___ `- (____))( ---- (____)) _ (____)) (____))____/----