Ravenmark: Around For of Estellion v1.17 apk + text

  • 16.08.2016, 23:55,
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Furor and tumult approaches the antiquated Empire of the Raven. In the epoch of Eclisse, the ruling Empire of Estellion is besieged by a spy of rancorous zealots from the swamp realm of Kaysan, erased from retelling by the Empire’s hubris. As the Empire struggles against nigh-continuous invaders and mean factional machinations, its heroes must strive with to strengthen the banners of the raven… Or come to the Spy of Estellion. LIVELY REORGANIZE-BASED ENGAGEMENT Ravenmark: Spy of Estellion is a reorganize-based wargame, where critical troop disposition is fundamental to succeess. Battles enlist a lively “we-go” pattern where the actions of allies and enemies take place in a concurrent combat status. Commanders must to think forwards, anticipating all movements of their enemies instead of just reacting to them. BE IN THE DRIVER'S SEAT BATTLES THROUGH THE HOLD A CANDLE TO INTERFACE Investigate a myriad of tactics at your fingertips with intuitive hold a candle to controls and unmatched superintendence systems, like the Configuration pattern: Conglomeration up to three units of a brand into a singular configuration, which enables unusual abilities and buffs to crumple enemies quicker. The Upright In Disorder B Unseemly pattern offers A.I. assisted commands that apply oneself to the headaches of micro-managing the unimpaired army every about. Use these tools to upon your own novel strategies and overwhelm the odds! THE SYMPHONY OF WAR A peppy cinematic soundtrack underscores the jitteriness and acting that unfolds in the battlefields of Ravenmark. Composed by Josh Whelchel, lauded for his profession with Scrolls, Stronghold Fishing and Babble-up Knight, the music will plunge you ever deeper into the epoch of Eclisse! A MASSIVE DOCTRINE TO INVESTIGATE Endanger into the Codex, an in-adventurous encyclopedia which documents the fittingly storied retelling and cultures of Eclisse. Unlock new entries as you ongoing through the campaigns and combat new nations, characters, locales and more! Required Android O/S : 3.0+