An Octave Higher v1.2 Android

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Account Scrutinize Overture with Elise, Franz and Frederic as they set on their own paths, each joined by one trend: a disturbed piano. This visual novel allows you to scrutinize the superb where each is excellent in different types of magnetism that has been revolutionized into creating magnetism machinery. The determination is evolving and the superb of this visual novel finds itself on the forefront of technology; at the bring in of their own working distinction. But in a superb where magnetism defines your distinction, there is anguish in the history and rumors of a mutiny are spirited. Amongst all this magnetism, there is something that they can’t do: use healing magnetism on spiritless objects. As Franz does his incontrovertible year think up at private school on just that – healing spiritless objects – most people light upon it a to no avail meditate on. Due to karma, he is able to get monetary sponsorship from Frederic’s Dad because of Elise and her demand to fix a disturbed piano with her healing magnetism. Little do the characters know that on the edges of their lives a mutiny is brewing that can wobble their whole presence and the superb of Overture. Yoke the experience in this visual novel, unequivalent to any other visual novel you’ve played before, as you point right and damage, worth and bad and everything in between. Does Overture really need a revolution? Features: 6 different endings 1 accurate ending 3 different points of direction A sturdy sort of characters A veiled Easter Egg (can you light upon it?) Can come to someone's rescue at any objective in the heroic Gallery Characters Elise [The works tradesman who tried to right a disturbed piano] Living-Force isn’t undemanding when you pilot a Proletariat, Elise is told that her distinction doesn’t have the indulgence to determine a delighted ending. But none the less she stays forceful, for all she wants to do is conduct the piano. Her living-force is drastically changed through her opportunity convocation with Franz. Franz [The incontrovertible year trainee who is researching the impact of healing magnetism on spiritless objects] At the top of a distinguished private school of magical subject, Franz’s professor has spacy hopes for him. Franz is entrusted with a think up that could be the key to revolutionising the magical determination, but Franz isn’t all that keen. But when he meets Elise, things slowly start to switch Frederic [The aristocrat who will do anything to get Elise’s r] Frederic is well known as a Enchanter, a magical jest fighter, as well as being The Almighty Godwin’s son. He’s snotty and has no consider for those below him, but there is an unexpected side to him that even himself may not know. He falls in paramour with Elise at first locality, and will do anything to suffer her. If only his egotism didn’t get in the way. How to Conduct Playing is wonderful undemanding, just track the account and special your choices as you go along. There are 6 different endings, of which only one is the accurate ending. What's in this account : (Updated : Nov 9, 2015) The only switch is that the heroic now displays the “relationship points” between characters when the in-heroic menu is unlocked. These are the points that promptly upset which ending the actor will get. Required Android O/S : 4.4