Radiance Reach (2010)

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Own Up Annulus Reach ISO cast for Xbox 360. Checking for updates to abgx360.dat... Server organize abgx360.dat no newer than neighbourhood organize — not retrieving C:xboxHalo Reach.dvd is valid Checking Scheme ISO: «C:xboxHalo Reach.iso» Largeness: 7838695424 bytes Files in ISO: 135, Folders in ISO: 7 Out-And-Out bytes used: 7022280555 (96.21%) Scheme appears to have every now padding Checking default.xex Designate ID: 4D53085B (MS — 2139) Underived PE Filename: halo3_cache_release.exe Underived PE Timestamp: 2010/07/24 09:12:06 Min Nub Required: v2.0.8955.0 Scheme Name: Annulus: Reach Developer: Bungie Studios Publisher: Microsoft Scheme Studios Manner: First-Actually Shooter Avatar Awards: 5 Avatar Awards Achievements: 49 Achievements totaling 1000 Gamerscore XEX CRC = 4BA83208 XEX Media ID: D5F8036CA497AFADC59687E1-566C10D3 Province Criterion Criteria: 0xFFFFFFFF Province At No Cost! Checking topology materials Querying the online database to recover the appropriate verified materials to use... Topology dope was downloaded successfully Looking for TOP_XGD2-Reach-MW2-BO_v1.sha1 in the online verified database Server organize TOP_XGD2-Reach-MW2-BO_v1.sha1 no newer than neighbourhood organize — not retrieving Topology materials is currently verified Checking SS Timestamp of Authoring: 2010/07/26 00:00:00 Timestamp of Mastering: 2010/08/06 03:46:44 SS Construction: 2 (trusted) SS CRC = 3BAB5BC5 (RawSS = A93AE7BD) SS Media ID: D5F8036CA497AFADC59687E1-566C10D3 (matches scheme) SS looks valid Checking DMI Timestamp of Authoring: 2010/07/26 00:00:00 (matches SS) DMI CRC = 4ACEAC99 DMI Media ID: D5F8036CA497AFADC59687E1-566C10D3 (matches scheme) DMI looks valid Checking PFI PFI CRC = 05C6C409 PFI matches known materials (4th — 7th Flap) Video rationing out set Video CRC = E2FA3A26 (V0 = E0363F4E, V1 = EAE76B94) Video rationing out matches known materials (6th Flap) Key Clandestineness stop passed! Starting Verification Looking for 3BAB5BC54BA83208.ini in the online verified database Server organize 3BAB5BC54BA83208.ini no newer than neighbourhood organize — not retrieving Using 3BAB5BC54BA83208.ini (369 bytes) Video CRC matches V0 CRC matches V1 CRC matches PFI CRC matches DMI CRC matches SS CRC matches Xex CRC matches AnyDVD manner corruption was not detected Scheme CRC = 8BEC1F2B (matches) All CRCs be equivalent to Verification was renowned!