Framed v1.0.9

  • 17.08.2016, 03:58,
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~~~ Victor of over 25 Awards ~~~ FRAMED is a multi-trophy conquering noir-decipher underhand where you re-prearrange panels of vigorous funny engage to variation the medicine sequela usually of the plot outline. ~~~~~ FEATURES ~~~~~ TROPHY-CONQUERING SHAPE Featuring a fusion of all-new underhand mechanics & demonic puzzles, FRAMED has received many shape awards as well as being an «Excellence in Design» finalist in the IGF 2015. EFFORTLESSLY ARTISTIC Na funny panels and swap them with a abut of your inform on! GORGEOUS ART & RIFE WITH SPIRIT Side By Side-crafted, trophy-conquering art and spirit brings the noir smashing of FRAMED to human being. BEGINNING JAZZ MUSIC SOUNDTRACK An evocative music make out featuring alight jazz performances fused with newfangled themes and beats sets the attitude. A TRADE-MARK NEW COMMON SENSE AWAITS Unequivalent To anything you’ve played before, FRAMED delivers a from the word go new keyboard of underhand common sense. Block in your headphones, sit primitive and have a ball! ~~~~~ REACTION ~~~~~ «My best underhand in this year without any doubt.» &#151; Hideo Kojima (Metal Tackle Swarming) “It looks like a trade of goddamn genius.” &#151; Kotaku ”I was blown away by Loveshack’s Framed." &#151; Penny Arcade “Guilty of Awesome.” &#151; In Ruins, Newsletter, Shotgun “Noir-drenched bearing funny puzzler gets big thumbs-up.” &#151; IGN “Framed has an extraordinary art pattern, and it plays unequivalent to anything else we’ve seen." &#151; Ignore to About B Dally “Framed meshes record and gameplay like nothing else." &#151; Mac Human Being “With a jazzy soundtrack and a resolute vibe fitting its fashion, Framed succeeds at considerable a plot outline in more ways than one.” &#151; Complex, Pop Background “Don’t mistake this perceptive and innovative indie gem.” &#151; Snitch Gamer ** FINALIST ** ‘Excellence in Design’, IGF 2015 ** VICTOR ** ‘VisuaI Design’, Indiecade Feast 2014 ** VICTOR ** ‘Excellence in Design’, IGF China 2013 ** VICTOR ** ‘Best Game’ &#151; Freeplay Unaligned Games Feast 2013 ** VICTOR ** ‘Best Upcoming Game’ &#151; Intercontinental Ambulatory Underhand Awards 2014 ** VICTOR ** ‘Best Narrative’ &#151; Brazil's Unaligned Games Feast 2014 ** VICTOR ** ‘Best Decipher Game’ &#151; Intel Plain Up Awards 2014 ** PAX 10 PASSAGE ** &#151; PAX Prime 2014 ** FINALIST ** ‘Most Extraordinary Game’ &#151; A COMPLEX Feast Berlin 2014 ** FINALIST ** ‘Innovation Award’ &#151; Australian Underhand Developer Awards 2014 ** FORMAL PASSAGE ** BAFTA Private Games Showcase 2014 What's New: Made the underhand courteous to different attribute ratios more More info: <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a Instructions: 1.Copy «com.noodlecake.framed» folder to «sdcard/Android/obb» 2.Install APK 3.Launch the underhand
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