Unequalled Trek™ Trexels v2.0.1 mod

  • 17.08.2016, 05:21,
  • Games
*** Take on of YOUR very own starship! *** The USS Valiant has been destroyed by an uninvestigated attacker, and Starfleet has chosen YOU to proceed its charge the waters within a arcane scope of elbow-room known as the Trexelian Spread. Bod your cart leave, judge your body, learn the ruin of the Valiant, and search the Spread in the name of the Alliance. Profit ruin. Starfleet out. “SPACE: THE TERMINATING FRONTIER” Get acquiescent to search the Galaxy like no one has before, as you make a pilgrimage across a immeasurable galactic map! BOD YOUR CART LEAVE YOU fasten how your cart leave is built. Judge from dozens of different cell types and modifications, and put those red shirts to profession! JUDGE YOUR BODY Appropriate officers to key posts, retinue them to distend their abilities, and send them on invigorating Away Missions! ICONIC CHARACTERS AND TECHNOLOGY A terrene disagreement in the Spread has caused old foes and surprising new allies to detect their way into this unexplored part of elbow-room. Luckily, you’ve also got the trade mark-new LCARS interface to aid your charge! AN FAITHFUL VIP TREK™ ORDEAL Featuring narrative by the one and only George Takei, the dissimulate also includes the nonconformist music from Vip Trek™: The Nonconformist Series! COMING SOON… Faster than you can say, “Make it so,” look for days updates that will truly take the Trexels ordeal into the ‘next generation’… of motorized games. Key Features: Narrated by the one and only George Takei Music from the nonconformist series Gameplay using a next age LCARS interface Lone “Trexelated” art variety Invigorating Elbow-Room Quarrel and Away Missions Customize your cart leave for apex skill What’s new: — An all NEW dissimulate style-valid dated, entertainer vs entertainer — Buy iconic Alliance and Unfamiliar ships to dream up a fabulous naval task force — Attire your naval task force with a a choice of weapons and defensive abilities. — Officers conduct lone tactful maneuvers to struggle. — Doubt other admirals in simulated quarrel — Win and up the leaderboards — A unreduced new sector (sector 12) quite of new adventures — New resource cell to make naval task force badges — Bug fixes and play improvements. Required Android O/S : 4.0+