Cyber Knights Elite 2.9.31

  • 17.08.2016, 05:49,
  • Games
Elite number adds 3 one and only Cyber Knights, 50+ weapons, and 20+ armors, 30+ cybernetic implants. Cyber Knights is a stroll-based skilful RPG in which you check a squadron of runners and soldiers who are completing illegitimate contracts for the various powers that oppose for check over the cities. Travel a walloping stubborn beget with 10 battling factions, more than 600 contacts and citizens, over 500 shops, more than 400 fray combinations and liable to be lurking at every stroll. Bring a pernicious together of skilled and cybered mercenaries to oppose, bark, and infiltrate in the shadows of 2217. As a Cyber Knight you are the elite but unimportant urban soldier in the still wars of a cyberpunk subsequent. You do the sooty labour of megacorporations, offender organizations and terrace gangs. Black Lie It is the genesis of 2217, and the beget has ended. Megacorporations afford humanity’s last survivors habitation in the vasty dome cities of New Boston, New Berlin and others. Across the planet the Wide-Ranging Matrix has reunited the scattered survivors and reignited the fires of tournament. Technology has changed magnanimity. No longer merely relatives, many Cyber Knights have turned to nano- and cyber- technology to increase an limit and proffer their abilities beyond hominoid limits. A wide-ranging arms family has begun between the unconsumed megacorporations. Technological tyranny and check of the unconsumed metroplex are the only things that incident now. In this gravedo war the soldiers are called Cyber Knights. Elite urban mercenaries they are unimportant, deniable and powerful. The megacorporations need them to do the sooty labour in the elderly shadows of the metroplex. You will check of a skilled together of predatory cyber-warriors. Use stroll-based tactics vendetta to deploy skills, accoutrements and cybernetic implants for pinnacle impression. Specialize your together members in furtiveness, vendetta or hacking skills. Reign Over the megacorporate scene with game, infiltration, fray boldness or be a digital ghost. Features 8 one and only skills, 5 weirdo classes, 400 different items, weapons and armor. Customized your commandant and teams with 65 different cybernetic improvements. Pick sides in this urban fray and temporize as Hacker, Gun Slinger, Sniper, Cyber Sword or the frightful AgentEX! As a Knight, you'll come into with: * 140 Weapons * 45 Armors * 100 Matrix Hosts * 60 Cybernetic Implants * 600 NPC Contacts * 55 Monsters * 400 Fiendishness Teams What's new: — Decided bug preventing use of items — Decided question major with Hunds fading fast and not appearing in kennels — misplaced hunds are servants' — Decided question major with dismissed Hunds not appearing in kennels — misplaced hunds are servants' — Decided reported crashes Requires Android OS 1.6 and up