Tehra Dismal Warrior

  • 17.08.2016, 07:02,
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About this outburst: «Impressive boss enemies and an atmospheric soundtrack add to the overall quality.» 4/5 (Sunday Times) «One of the smoothest, most interesting 3D adventures in the app store.» (nodpad.com) For centuries, the nation of Sistar was laid unprofitable by countless battles between the man event and the Urka'h, a formidable kind of demons. Hundreds of thousands of fighters frenzied their lives in bloody wars, bringing both races to the point of sum total liquidation. The kings of the humans and the Urka«h saw the need to end a war which could only contribute to to the extinction of both races. So the deal of Tarkhubal was agreed, and to safeguard it was kept, they created an assassin, half man and half Urka»h, so resilient that she could negate all who tried to fragment the deal. Tehra: Evil Warrior, is a exciting 3D clash and bet prey, immersing us in a make-believe society where Orcs, Undead, Mages, huge Trolls and beasts unheard-of to man will go by with us through the lands of Sistar, with the sole aim of destroying us. Upon unseen coffers. Seize different objects from resilient enemies to arm yourself. Manumission the demonic propel within you and multiply your power to become Evil Warrior. Take Advantage Of the most eagerly awaited prey for iPhone/iPod Make Use Of. FEATURES: • Illusory dispatch course, with thorough 3D scenarios. • MINI GAMES included. • Zealous mess. If you gone for a burton on a level...don't fret. Resume trying it, the mess will be a bit slash every in days of yore. • Present the worldwide event thanks to the ONLINE COURSE. Can you get all the prizes? Will you be the best?* • Sometimes mindless resolution is not enough. Augment Tehra’s WRESTLE AND ALLURE SKILLS during the prey.