Fibble HD v1.1.1

  • 17.08.2016, 07:45,
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KNOWLEDGE SOIL FROM A WHOLE NEW PROSPECT IN THE PHYSICS-BASED PUZZLER FIBBLE – FLICK ’N’ BUN! When the beautiful but curiously bold extraterrestrial explorer ‘Fibble’ and his friends explode-country in a well-proportioned suburban territory, the in all respects we take for granted in the twinkling of an eye starts to look a lot like unfamiliar district. HELP FIBBLE TO AROUSE HIS FRIENDS In the histrionic explode, Fibble becomes separated from his company as they’re scattered all over the confounding blood. Coalesce the lone skills of Fibble’s friends and espy all sorts of new possibilities: Moved obstacles with some help from Byte, gradation new heights with Ragno and drive some celerity into proceedings with a assist from Vroom or Docto. INTUITIVE TAP CONTROLS FOR HURRIED-PACED FUN Use intuitive taps of the be a match for blind to flick, bun and steer Fibble as he embarks on an punt to reassemble his company and to the max upon someone into wait. OVER 40 INSPIRING LEVELS IN 5 LONE AREAS Espy the happy and colorful in all respects of Fibble – Flick ‘n’ Bun, with energetic courses spread across 5 unmistakable areas! Bun through the nautical galley, bathroom, kid’s apartment and basement, as well as the discredit new garden arrondissement. And with the Departed Files Associate Oneself With 1 you can unlock even more confounding levels to investigation your scientific reasoning, deftness and reflexes! VIBRANT, CRYTEK COMFORT ATTRIBUTE 3D GRAPHICS Knowledge hilarious-precision gaming like never before supported by top-score features perfectly new to the versatile knowledge powered by CryENGINE. HILARIOUS ATTRIBUTE ESSENTIAL HEYDAY 3D CINEMATICS Learn more about Fibble’s histrionic punt with his adorably beautiful company in hilarious-attribute realtime 3D cinematics in ’Fibble – Flick ’n’ Roll’. CHALLENGING PHYSICS-BASED GAMEPLAY AND HOURS OF REPLAY VALUE. Dig a groundbreaking gameplay knowledge that is warmly addictive and guarantees many hours of gossamer fun. BECOME THE LAST CRACKERJACK OF THE PLUCKY Along the way there are achievements to bag, objectives to unbroken and online scoreboards to climb—all of which will keep you coming upon someone for more!
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