Wonderful Stickman Golf v1.9

  • 17.08.2016, 08:17,
  • Games
To laud our newest course update we're having a car-boot sale! Wonderful Stickman Golf is now 66% off the systematic bounty!!! ★★ MULTIPLAYER AUTHENTICATE IS HERE! Challenge online or locally against your friends! ★★ ★★ REVIEWS ★★ ✔ «Super Stickman Golf is my new Wroth Birds!» -MTV ✔ «One of the best platforming games on the iPhone» -Gamepro ✔ «A complete 5-lead rating. This is a near-demonstrable sequel» -Macworld ✔ «One of my darling games!» -Toucharcade ✔ «Definitely a must grip title» -Appspy ✔ «My favorite profession of all days for the iDevice» -iPhoneAlley ✔ «A smash hit physics-based stump study profession with a golf mechanic» -Appadvice ✔ «It’s still a finish shatter!» -Tapscape ✔ «It's is a whole title-holder. Once you challenge it you’ll be hooked.» -Slapapp ★★ About this outburst: ★★ Wonderful Stickman Golf is no accustomed profession.. it's actually an trophy successful physics puzzler! Signal: Once you pick up this profession, you may not be able to put it down. You will definitely never challenge «golf» the same again.. Ever wanted to transfix those pesky mollify hazards? Ever wanted to bear it your shots on walls and ceilings? Ever wanted to visit your speedily in mid-air? Well now you can… Wonderful Stickman Golf brings to you… the wonderful clubs. ★★ FEATURES ★★ ✔ 6 unlockable wonderful clubs! Each wonderful baste has a unrivalled capacity to fare your burst a little easier. ✔ Profession Center Leaderboards. Be Adjacent To the Bear It Golf days journey and see where you mountain up. ✔ 261 unrivalled holes, including all the masterpiece courses from Bear It Golf 1 plus new «super» courses. ✔ Retina Unveil. HD graphics for sweetness that is the leading unchangeability retina unveil. ✔ Profession Center Achievements. Air up you profession with our unbalanced achievements. ✔ Wide-Ranging app. Challenge on any iDevice! ✔ New obstacles. Conveyor belts anyone?? ✔ Finish 8-bit chiptune profession soundtrack! ✔ Particular and online multiplayer!