Mission☆Sirius ipod.ipad.iphone

  • 17.08.2016, 08:28,
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Welcome to Planet Momoko, a cooler congested of tests and illusions! Undertaking Sirius – a FPS (First-Mortal Physically Shooter) job powered by Non-Existent Motor 3 that gets your blood pumping! Roger – A prisoner? A lone ranger? Reveal the secrets of Momoko and you will be fighting an army alone. All are but tests! Video Camera Following Condition makes it easier to carry on without a mouse or a keyboard. There are only two operations: aim and zap, and reload. The job shows a several of strange scenes: in the brazen air of a planet, the sky, the range, the saboteurs, the military found, enemies attacking from all directions like d. You will carry on all kinds of weapons ranging from violent-focusing laser guns and hurried-shooting photonic submachine guns to preponderance-virulent profound gadget guns. All are but illusions! Undertaking Sirius is like a gesticulation idea and spirit makes the whole job an deportment flicks. You will have different choices at various scenes, only to lay one's hands on out in the end what the illusions and tests really mean. The latest video-audio technology used in the job ensures the grace of the pictures. Even if a batch of enemies appear out of nowhere, you will still be able to keep shooting smoothly. What you will be dealing with is No Unremarkable Army! Maybe the lowest arise of existence has no genius and would only mug out of empathy. But when you are dying to lay one's hands on out the cryptic secrets of Momoko, the valid opponents--the money-grubbing troops, will show up you who you will be dealing with. You become the tiniest mistakes in wrestle with arrangement, teammate stretch over-ups or strategic strikes and you may be killed on Planet Momoko. What exactly is Undertaking Sirius? The enigma is waiting for you to crack.