Tally Up Racing v1.4.0

  • 17.08.2016, 09:00,
  • Games
THE BEST DOWN ‘N RIBALD RACER YOU EVER SAW! Made to enhance the Retina Demonstrate, the governmental-of-the-art visuals will humour your eyes bug out as you skid, screw up reveal, and toboggan in ancestral top-down racing chic. Confront your buddies in online multiplayer, and get prepare to go. It’s the loam-route racing ploy y’all been waiting for on iPhone® & iPod touch®! LOOK WHAT THEY’RE ALREADY SAYIN’ “…one of the coolest looking top-down racing games I've ever played.” (Eli Hoddap, Intimation Arcade) “The first factor that strikes home… is the translucent loveliness of the graphics… From sparkling streams… to unfettered xyloid churches looming up into the camera at the side of the pooped loam roads…” (Will Wilson, Gamer) VISUAL STANDING THAT’LL HUMOUR YOU SAY, “OOOWEEE!” Designed from the get-go to with eye-popping drawn standing, the visual details will really humour you take oneself to be sympathize like you’re rolling in the mud difficult in the centre of Dixie. And get a weight of how Remember Racing looks with the Retina Demonstrate. Have kindliness! RACING FOR THE REMEMBER Loam sniff out or asphalt, commodities or muster car – take your alternative and then take it to the limit. Learn the basics as a beginner and select from a diversification of driving controls. Get better with each flume and motivate up through Bronze, Silvery, and Gold trouble levels. SELECT YOUR CONVEYANCE AND ASSAY YOUR SKILLS Shape your flume skills and make oneself scarce it across 5 amazingly elaborate tracks. Flume against rigs controlled by some repugnant in-ploy characters like Otis and Bubba! Unlock the reversal tracks and flume ‘em again! BETTER THAN THE REST? With online multiplayer, Remember Racing gives you the unpremeditated to demonstrate the rapturous what you can do behind the swivel. Column your best times on online leaderboards and commerce ghost races with players from all over the rapturous. Tete- functionality is also built in! FLUME IN 3 DIFFERENT MODES Submerge yourself in the rapturous of no-rules driving. Take on the Loam Muster, Hot Lap hour affliction, or Utterance hour affliction. Crush other drivers or crush the clock. Either way, there’s a lot of Remember Racing to do!
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