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Discern, gamers! The excessively-may-care you've always wanted is here! Kali, the mythical «Goddess of Death» in the South America Revolt. She utilize two pistols that apportion whitish-grey on bullets became a quietly proxy who hunts down demons. She joined Neverlight, the marker-harpy make-up, after some considerate of disturbance. Kali was investigating a queer cause occurred in the Axis — 21 Thalassic Inspect Works when she discovers the muscular and uncertain cabal of failed Contemplate Prometheus. Infiltrate the military inspect lab conspiring with the excessively and hound down the demons! — Correct soothe-configuration sneakiness functioning excessively-may-care. — Soothe-configuration Hardcore Functioning — No gacha — No in-app purchases — No advertisements — No force notifications — No recommended escort requests * GameController Supported 1. Advanced soothe-configuration sneakiness functioning excessively-may-care This excessively-may-care is never serene. By the standards of 2015 games, this is definitely a toilsome one. You actually need to put forth an feat and discipline to unobstructed the excessively-may-care. This excessively-may-care doesn't yield up you many tips about excessively-may-care mechanics or skills. But you can best of any difficulties through repeated attempts and practices. 2. Relieve-configuration dual handgun call the tune Why do you use a choose handgun when you can utilize two? You can aim two targets at the same conditions and call the tune each share independently. Caress an competitor on the sort out to manually supervision padlock on the end and aim, fleet street the End button to automatically supervision padlock on the end, or use the End button like a pad to put forward the aiming apposite indicate. 3. 45 stages There are 45 missions with various patterns. Each trade features a different form, configuration and set of bosses. Discover To Be out how each trade is played out in the 45 stages of Prometheus. 4. 19 bosses with various patterns Prometheus features 19 bosses. Each boss is visually numbing and spectacular, but the true determination of this excessively-may-care is in the ever changing gameplay matrix. 5. Substantial storyline The former times and for the present of Kali, the Goddess of Destruction. The relationship between uncertain organizations. And characters with various stories. Adventure the whole new yield up birth to of Byulbram Studio, the inventor of Her Knights and Asura Curmudgeonly. 6. Cinematic the west end with collapsing floors and changing structures The the west end context changes and some parts failure as you apple-polish the excessively-may-care. Adventure the engagement climax with mammoth bosses and ever changing territory and the blockbuster animations with no limit. 7. Automatically created Gaping Void Stronghold Gaping Void Stronghold is for users who want to possess have a good conditions the excessively-may-care more even after clearing the whole storyline. A new labyrinth context is automatically created each conditions. Sustain your fly in Gaping Void where the obstacle is higher than the toss one's hat in the ring standard operating procedure. 8. Over 90 achievements You can unobstructed this excessively-may-care in various ways. And there are many achievements that you can try. Discover To Be cryptic achievements and flawless them one by one. What’s new: Larger Update (interpretation 2.0) !! New Levels: Ultimate Chapter Released (up to 46 stages) Excessively-May-Care Controller corroborate Bug Fixes and Engagement enhanced This excessively-may-care use a Collateral module that it won't let you apple-polish as wish as you have installed Gash and Extirpate tools like Independence, LuckyPatcher and SuperSU. Disconnect them as wish as you want to apple-polish this excessively-may-care. Use auspicious patcher before launching the excessively-may-care. Do a «Patch to android» assignment to unlock If your artifice is implanted. I haven't evaluation on non implanted yet. Instal APK,Vicinity information folder in SDCard/Android/Obb/ and apple-polish. Requirements: Android O/S : 2.3+