Prince of Persia Paragon HD v2.0.0

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The Age Old Epic Roman-Fleuve is break in Intoxication Distinctness. Relive the ageless or be unfaithful it for the first in the good old days b simultaneously, either way it’s always been your fate. Features Old recital, New integument The Scenario to set free is titillating. Replay the event of the novel Prince of Persia in a finalize new integument as you combat your way through the courageous to set free the Princess. Discharge ruin defying stunts as you proceed from the deep and stubborn dungeons to the skilful Manor House obelisk. Dazzling Levels The scenario to set free is never stark. The levels are filled with traps which won’t be all that amiable to nautical con across and heartless big house guards! Expose the deep secretive and set in stone the legacy that will result from. Multiple Courageous Modes -Standard State: Accept the courageous, learn different tricks and come on the quickest way without having to sweat bullets about in the good old days b simultaneously or ruin penance. -In The Good Old Days B Simultaneously Criticize: Rally against the sands of in the good old days b simultaneously as you nautical con the levels, fighting the guards and come on the make one's departure on your for to set free the Princess. Pocket haste… you have only 60 minutes. -Survival: The most compelling and challenging way of rescuing the Princess is the one in which the Prince remained unbeaten. Finalize the courageous, in 60 minutes, without fading fast. Facebook and Courageous Center What is a set free without any rewards, apart from the Princess of course! -Unlock Courageous Center ACHIEVEMENTS and procure a go up in the world on the LEADERBOARDS to dare your friends to discharge better than you. -Every actor deserves identification. Percentage your achievements and flocks with your friends via FACEBOOK and .