WinPoker v1.8 • Elite Video Poker Trainer [iPhone]

  • 17.08.2016, 09:31,
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Based on Bob Dancer's Popular Video Poker Training Software iTunes About this outpouring: WinPoker a video poker trainer for the iPhone. Learn how to correctly do video poker. Use WinPoker to do while you learn! One do, triple do, 5 do and 10 do options that can be played with all of the 31 included video poker games!. Alter modes from the options wall off, or just swipe up to drag up 3, 5 or 10 hands or swipe down to take it sponsor down. You can also generate any contest you want by changing the pay plain of one of the built in games. You can also run a contest assay for any pay plain created. 31 video poker variations – Highlighting some best known video poker games like: All American, Tip Poker, Folded Tip, Folded Double Tip, Folded Jackpot, Jacks or Better, Deuces Fantastic, Gag Man Poker — Kings or Better, Gag Man Fantastic — (Atlantic Big Apple) 5K Jackpot, just to name a few. Three Different Modes of Do **Auto-hold** WinPoker holds the faultless do for you. **Warn** You grasp the cards and WinPoker alerts you if your grasp is not the do that has the highest expected restoring, or **No mode** Use this wise to match the Casino know-how. You do just as you would in a casino only now, you can stopping up and aspect the conference and explore to see if you made any errors. (You don't have that confidence in a Casino) Statistics bear out your wins, losses, unconditional hands played, errors, the consequence of those errors and what those errors potentially could rate you in scratch! We let out the contest restoring for the 31 included games. Analyze Any Closely lets you jot down the closely and scan the name assay for the closely. POSSESS HAVE A GOOD TIME!