Kevins BREAKEM v1.3

  • 17.08.2016, 09:46,
  • Games
SIGN! This app puts your angle skills to the probe. Do you have the conspiringly for it? Hit #1 on the GAMES map in France Hit #1 on the APPS map in France -Thank you! Find Kevin, the nutty new dramatis persona in city. When the humans are gone it's perpetually to have fun! Come take part in with him and squander off some steam in this innovative firm paced angle to win gameplay. With Anticyclone Description Graphics and dexterous angle based controls, Kevin’s BREAK’EM can be one of you next addictive lift friends. Only angle to dominate Kevin and the china above while aiming for the prominent dishes. Don't hit the timers or shake off the ball to fall guy big perpetually! Undisturbed to pick up and intuitive to take part in Kevin’s BREAK’EM will be indefatigable to put down. HIGHLIGHTS: ★ Eccentric, Uncontrived and Fun angle to win gameplay ★ Pleasing frizzy Retina Panoply ★ BreakOut with a slant ★ Three unmatched Victim Modes ★ Lots of Power-Ups ★ Wonderfully rendered 3D art ★ Raw or Zen audio modes ★ 12 uncordial unlockable upgrades (more lives, gifts and much more) ★ Groaning with Victim Center Leaderboards and Achievements ★ Undisturbed to learn and indefatigable to monarch or put down ★ Facebook and Chatter sharing ★ Optimized for all iDevices including older 1G/2G/3G ones ★ Firm-paced addictive motion and tons of fun for all ages UNCORDIAL TIPS: ✔ Aim for the express unripe prominent china and get doubled the perquisite points ✔ Try to hit only honourableness china and be entitled to a big flash perquisite ✔ Exchange to low receptibility if you can’t direct well-adjusted controls So can you monarch this new adventure? ULTIMATUM YOUR ANGLE SKILLS NOW! --BREAKING SCANDAL-- ★★★Kevin«s BREAK»EM — Untouched By --the new lite is coming November 23rd (Tomorrow) ! ★★★Second Update to Kevin«s BREAK»EM Thoroughly coming next week and it's groaning with an all New Eccentric Victim Fashion!