CarX Tenor Racing v1.3.4 mod & facts

  • 17.08.2016, 09:56,
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THE MOST WANTED COLOUR BUSINESS EVER More than 10,000,000 people around the cosmos downloaded CarX! Foreshadowing! Be scrupulous, this relevance may captivate you on many hours, don't think of to have a take it easy at least every 40 minutes! THE AUTHENTIC DRIFTING SIMULATOR — CarX Colour Racing gives you a harmonious ' encounter in the handling of play cars by the honest and the intuitive way — If you like to colour, get fit out to expend many hours playing this business — Use break off handbrake button to start drifting — Stain donuts fervid tires — Vitality of the mysterious smoke while drifting THE MOST HARD-BOILED ACTIVE RACING BUSINESS — Nuts regard of dynamic play cars — Harmonious ' driving on different surfaces — asphalt, , sand — Racing on prodigal complicated tracks — You can customize your handling hatch — You can preferable different setups for every car — Wares, Turbo, Racing, Colour — You can mutation color of your car and discs — Dynamic cameras and replays — You can upload your best replays to youtube CRAFT CONFIGURATION — Win cups and rate coins — Unlock 11 play cars and new tracks — Ghost Configuration for competing with your best line ONLINE COSMOS ENCOUNTER WASTE CHAMPIONSHIP — Strive with your friends and palpitate cosmos records — Encounter waste racing configuration with worldwide ranking FRANKLY MACHINE AND TURBO SOUNDS — Fresh machine touched off for every car — Simulated turbo touched off and the flip one's lid b explode off valve! ADDICTIVE MUSIC NEW 6 licensed touched off tracks TIPS: — Your COINS, unlocked cars and tracks are saved on your cognizance DO NOT OFF business before you update it, or all your increase will be FORGOTTEN! — To compose business run faster proximate all another applications in charge administrator [paired click rough button and poke along another applications upside] — LIKEfor tidings and updates If you like to horse around prodigal-end racing games, get fit out to expend many hours playing CarX. Charge Out Of your encounter with CarX Colour Racing! What’s New: v 1.3.4 – 2 cars were added. – From now on, you can strive in colour battles with other players! – Santa Ends is available for over the interval of Xmas and New Year holidays. – Graphics is improved. What’s In The MOD: Unqualified Lolly Introduce APK,Recognize facts folder in SDCard/Android/Obb/ and horse around. Required Android O/S : 3.0+