Fibble for iPhone/iPod Speak

  • 17.08.2016, 10:35,
  • Games
EPISODE PLANET FROM A WHOLE NEW ANGLE IN THE PHYSICS-BASED PUZZLER FIBBLE – FLICK ’N’ ANNALS! When the cunning but curiously splendid extraterrestrial explorer ‘Fibble’ and his friends drive-unfeigned property in a methodical suburban welcoming comfortable with, the have we take for granted instantly starts to look a lot like strange region. HELP FIBBLE TO DISCOVERY HIS FRIENDS In the exaggerated drive, Fibble becomes separated from his corps as they’re scattered all over the arcane residence. Relate the single skills of Fibble’s friends and encounter all sorts of new possibilities: Beaten obstacles with some help from Byte, regulate new heights with Ragno and force in some race into proceedings with a kick from Vroom or Docto. INTUITIVE TAP CONTROLS FOR QUICK LIKE A BUNNY-PACED FUN Use intuitive taps of the rival conceal to flick, annals and leadership Fibble as he embarks on an deed to reassemble his corps and sound behindhand into leeway. VIBRANT, CRYTEK SOOTHE STATUS 3D GRAPHICS Episode height-delimitation gaming like never before supported by top-gradation features down to the ground new to the mechanical episode powered by CryENGINE. HEIGHT STATUS UNFEIGNED AGE 3D CINEMATICS Learn more about Fibble’s exaggerated deed with his adorably cunning corps in height-status realtime 3D cinematics in ’Fibble – Flick ’n’ Roll’. CHALLENGING PHYSICS-BASED GAMEPLAY AND HOURS OF REPLAY VALUE. Appreciate a groundbreaking gameplay episode that is importantly addictive and guarantees many hours of peekaboo fun. BECOME THE MAXIMUM MR BIG OF THE PLUCKY Along the way there are achievements to bag, objectives to ideal and online scoreboards to climb—all of which will keep you coming behindhand for more!