Demigod War v1.3.4 megamod

  • 17.08.2016, 10:49,
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Unostentatious controls to sway the heroes! The inscription ideal simulation RPG, DEMIGOD WAR! Genus contents to carry out and still the deft and auto fight actions will print your heartstrings. Firmly and natural growing of heroes and items will let you train the Arena, the PVP set-up! FEATURES [Impeccable Illustrations and Graphics] Skilled visualization and depiction of heroes are congregated. Very aesthetic and battle-stuffed views! Scintillating images of each heroes and actions of them are adding skilled eagerness and fun of playing it! [Consummate Balancing of Diversities] Five elements and their own attributes are concretely balanced and use those assign advantages at bottom to win against irksome enemies. [Unostentatious and Natural Controls] Imaginative unconscious fight set-up will help you out even if you are asleep! Correct your own mould of an auto set-up and it battles tactically itself. Wonderful and productive features are advance in every corner! [Deft and Unscarred-cut Answers and Supports] We are always advance and welcoming your voices. Any struggles or suggestions will be skilled resources and dream as we are erection it together. responses and productive take cares are always our first missions. What’s new: [Revamping] — Accepted casting skills have been increased from 1 seconds to 2 seconds. [Bug Fix] — There was an climax with the diamond combination in the snitch on. But now it is inflexible. — Inflexible an climax with the button in the set equipment’s window which was showing oddly. — There was an climax with the day after day search after / friends AP pop-up windows. — Names were changed with the 5th qualify storm gears and set effects. — and others can be referred at the spot twine in the forum Megamod Info: You must up a Machinery first in needed so that to start the mod. ◉ Jumbo Hit Spoil. ◉ Jumbo Skip Through Spoil. ◉ God Fashion. ◉ Outrageously Extraordinary Defense. ◉ 100% Skip Through Hit Loosely Precision. ◉ 100% Melee Hit Loosely Precision. ◉ Always Duck. ◉ Always Crucial. Requires Android: 2.3 and Up