The Blude Patterns Round - Demo

  • 17.08.2016, 10:50,
  • Games
The Melancholy Unwritten Law' is a decisive work up that is made by Dennis HeroBiX Thisner during his patch at Extravaganza Proprietorship Command at Vancouver Veil Principles! Caress unaffected by to try it out and if you like it, please moor with us on facebook: The Blueberry Tree is a tree that grows in the dismount of the Blueberry Crowned Head and we are in the making of «The Melancholy Code». The Blueberry Tree is the tree of person that is growing in The Blueberry kings dismount, he is a upright and well-educated crowned head who is loved and respected by the blueberry people. This dismount is connected with other continents, as the Raspberry dismount, where the Raspberry crowned head is living and has a different vision of things in his person. But, that’s another story-line, in this greatly lands, there is many stories that goes around. We are now working on preparing to tell the story-line “The Melancholy Code” for you. This happens in-between the Blueberry and Raspberry dismount, this is where Mad Crowned Head has is own uncharitable boondocks, it lies beside the noble lake of Gummi, arrange to the tree of whispers and right behind the melancholy bike that a uncharitable kid dropped 258 years ago. It’s arrange to the village Raslo, a raspberry village that lies on a rock-face, admirable placed right by the sea, don’t go there during the summer, not the friendlies lodgings. The Mad Kings lands is protected by the whispers of the forest, you can't come up with it if you are looking for it. You need to be focused on picking blueberries, but at the same patch wonder why the heck is a bike deceitful around and also hearken to the whispers of the trees, make use of down softly of the whispers of the tree and make use of down into the gummi lake, that will take you to... no one really knows what Mad Kings dismount is called... not even himself... Lets entreat it «The Melancholy Code» The demo for “The Melancholy Code” will be released the 10th of November.