Plants vs. Zombies Rendition: 1.9.1 ipod.iphone.ipad

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Class: Games Feb 14, 2012 Manifestation: 1.9.1 72.3 MB Seller: PopCap Games, Inc. (iDP) © 2009 PopCap Games, Inc. LANGUAGES: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish REQUIREMENTS: Compatible with iPhone, iPod set alight, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later About this overflow: Champion of more than 20 Racket of the Year awards!* A mob of fun-loving zombies is about to invade your qualified in. Use your arsenal of 49 zombie-zapping plants — peashooters, insane-nuts, cherry bombs and more — to mulchify 26 types of zombies before they emerge down your door. Get alert to disgrace your plants! Racket Features 50 FUN-LIFELESS LEVELS Surmount all 50 levels of Threaten form — through day, nightfall, fog, in a swimming team up with, on the rooftop and more! Replay levels in the all-new Vivacious Operate arena. NOT YOUR GARDEN-GENUS GHOULS Fracas zombie extreme everywhere-vaulters, snorkelers, scuttle-heads and more. Each has its own bizarre skills, so you'll need to think promiscuous and gear faster to confrontation them all. SMARTER THAN YOUR MIDDLING ZOMBIE Be circumspect how you use your predetermined furnish of greens and seeds. Zombies pleasure brains so much they'll move, run, social, swim and even eat plants to get into your house of ill repute. ROW LONGER, GET STRONGER Pull Down 49 intense perennials and accumulate coins to buy power-ups and more. DEVELOP WITH YOUR RACKET Pull Down 25 iPhone-one achievements and conduct off your zombie-zapping talent. MORE COLLECTED FEATURES -Looks lifeless unspoilt on your iPhone4 — now updated with unqualified encouragement for Retina Demonstrate Off. The fun-lifeless have never looked so acute! -Compatible with iOS 4 multi-tasking. -Loads of demonstrate off enhancements and bug fixes. *Original Mac/PC downloadable racket. More Apps from PopCap: BEJEWELED® 2 – Combine sparkling gems in the world’s #1 flummox racket. PEGGLE™ – Discernibly the orange pegs in this epic graduate of success rate and finesse. BOOKWORM™ – Cater your liking for fun in THE leader-tickling brief conversation flummox racket. CHUZZLE™ – Skate and combine cunning, cuddly — and surprisingly perilous — furballs. POPCAP MAKES EXISTENCE FUN Assail us at Step Into The Shoes Of us at Like us at ... Conduct More What's new in Manifestation 1.9.1 We caught bugz and fix up racket shiney for you. Like our opti… optimi… goodifications? Yay! Judge unimpeded to pay us in brainz. Also: sharing is caring. So we add new Treatment Sharing in racket. Don't want to parcel data? Disable in Options menu. But still, pleaze parcel yur delishus brains.