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$0.99View on iTunes This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad. Head: Games Feb 13, 2012 Model: 3.6 136 MB Seller: Imba Extravaganza © Imba Extravaganza LANGUAGES: English REQUIREMENTS: Compatible with iPhone, iPod have access to, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later MineCraft Pro About this flow: To stave off crashing: show up sure that chapter loads exactly before going dorsum behind! your widget needs to accomplish loading before the chapter can be closed, otherwise it might explosion. This mostly occurs with slower devices and stupendous articles. Minecraft ADVANCED pro issue conductor. Includes in-concentratedly advice, tips, tricks and much more. Index of : — Essentials --- Crafting --- Smelting --- Brewing --- Spellbinding --- Blocks --- Items --- Details Values --- Mobs --- Programs and Editors --- Mods --- Configuration Packs --- Redstone — Blueprints --- Misc (Big Mansion, Excited Resistance Novel Building, Log Chalet, Medieval Building, Medieval Building 2, Mid-Sized Victorian Building, Mexican Genre Building, Mistpeak Removed Building, Novel Run Aground Building, Novel Stucko Building, Red Barn, Rustic Villa, Tudor Building, Two-level Building, Victorian Building, Air Restaurant, Antenna, Aqueduct, Christmas Tree, Clocktower, Domokun, Ring Masterchief, Hillcrest, Hot Dog Resistance, Ironforge Gates, Lumby, Master's Penmanship, Atomic Equipment, Slowpoke, Schul, Tensyu, Throne Dwell, Fair-Skinned Building, Dull Pass Over, Zeus) --- Arenas (DBZ Podium,Gladiator Arena,Mini Coliseum,Pokemon Gym,Ultra Spleef) --- Castles (Bodiam,Grayskull,Japanese,Marketplace,Shame-Faced) --- Churches (Cathedral,Glowstone,Novel,Pantheon,Stormwind) --- Circumstances (Pass Over,Dragon Waterfall,Glittering Attendance,Novel Genesis,Stonehenge) --- Parish (Industrial,Oil Rig,Pen,Simpsons Prepare,Borough Hired Hall) --- Myths and Legends (Chichen Itza,Chinese Schul,Creeper Schul,Library of Alexandria,Mage Bell-Tower) --- Pixel Art (2D Irritated Bird,2D Lunch Harum-Scarum,2D Nyan Cat,2D Peter Griffin,2D Scott Hadji,2D Spongebob,3D Diamond Ore Mining,3D Minecraft Cube,3D Skull,3D Treasurechest) --- Harry Infrastructures (Bank,Ball Stagecraft,Krusty Burger,Library,Mansion) --- Pyramids (Aztec,Bio Dome,Igloo,Complex,Hesperides) --- Skyscrapers (Apartments,Highrise,Bed,Auspicious 38,Metlife) --- Towers (Anti-Seige,Lighthouse,Medieval,Outpost,Watchtower) — Seeds and Challenges --- Seeds (20) --- Challenges (Normadic Feel, Alternate Experiences, Blockworld, Burgh Construction, Paired Ca, Majesty of Avant-Garde, Atomic Apocalypse, Concealed Dwell, Shafted, Skyblock, Tree Enterprise, Underwater — Storytime and Columns --- Storytime ------ Novels (8) ------ Stories (37) ------ Unfinished (33) --- Columns (21) --- How to stave off crashing --- Roadmap (dev notes about what's new to come) — Guides and Tutorials --- Archive (for older versions of Minecraft / some still might be used) --- Newcomers (10) --- Extensive (15) --- Agribusiness and Mining (13) --- Mechanisms (9) --- Detailed (8) What's new in Model 3.6 - Resurrecting Seeds and Challenges (with updated swill) — New stories and novels in Storytime — Updated Columns — Added Roadmap (dev notes about what's new to come) — Blueprints are now better organized (a little bit)