CCGHQ MTG HQ Pics Finished through M14 October 27, 2013

  • 17.08.2016, 12:36,
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From the CCGHQ Conspire at Wizardry the Congress Sharp Mark Pics Executed through M14 (This is the first come out with: it's missing some promos and other ancillaries). Oh yes, there«s some missing, but that will be determined, I establish you, but there»s a lot of proficient press here too, more than you will come across anywhere else. The last Executed Pics flow, which is still available and seeded here at TPB, stopped at 10E, and was released November 12, 2007, lovely much six years ago. It was 3 GB and had 93 Fulls sets. A lot has changed since then. This flow stops at M14, has 113 sets in the Fulls folder (and that's with quite a few missing!), and is 15.5 GB in square footage, over five times bigger. It includes the Bantam Crops for carrying-on on handy devices, XLHQs for 1080P HD monitors, and some 4KHQs (our new paradigm for 4K monitors) for proficient for a bonus. All these are new, compared to six years ago anyway. Please download this new flow, take a look, go to the forum and tell me what I«ve out. If YOU don»t tell me, I won't be able to fix it. The sets in this flow have been completed, corrected, term checked, new sizes and naming standards created...well, let«s just say there»s press here that you won«t get anywhere else, guaranteed, because we don»t picture these sets, and we don't beget them to merely FAKE our preceding standards (with lesser mark); we PROCEED them to the highest paradigm, a paradigm we have created and ladylike over the years, and with boner checking no one else does or is able to. Look pushy to the update, but until then, I make sure you'll come across no better gathering.