Kung Fu Panda: Be The Dab Hand iphone.ipod.ipad

  • 17.08.2016, 12:50,
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REQUIREMENTS: Compatible with iPhone, iPod lean up against, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later escription SCROLL FOUR «PATH OF PATIENCE» NOW AVAILABLE! Get the filled match at the idiosyncratic Scroll 4 organize payment for a restricted period only! DO YOU WANT TO THE MAN KUNG FU?! It takes training, commitment, many bandages… and a few snacks! Po is eventually a actual Kung Fu warrior, but to become a unwavering The Man, he must address himself to training. Shifu has revealed to him the Clandestine of the Thousand Scrolls, and Po’s astounding trip begins here: (**NEW**) COURSE OF CONSTANCY – Allege your surplus (and your composure) as Po gets some training help from his little baneful friends. Be predisposed, things will get fair hare-y! PAWS OF POWER — Practise with Shifu in the Dojo, swiping & clawing your way through flying training dummies based on all of Po’s greatest foes. But take care of out for the bee hives! They’re a dominant do away with. FEET OF VEHEMENCE – the unrivalled Waterfall of Woe, jumping higher and higher with the help of firework-powered chairs, bouncy bamboo stilts, and other idiosyncratic items. Rush to new heights… or else it’ll be one big belly bomb below! OF FATE – Run, ignore & plane through the superior, but treacherous mountains above the Valley of Cordial. This marathon of fortitude training will help Po run like the wind… or just run out of gas. KUNG FU TRAINING IS ITS OWN BEST COMPENSATE! (But there are oceans of other perks, too!) — Unlock collectible fight figures of the Wrathful Five! — Rate idiosyncratic Exploit Badges to lead the way you through your training. — Stalk your go against other warriors on the Top Trainers chairman boards. SKADOOSH!!! What's new in Idea 1.3.4 Trivial bug fixes and trivial artwork updates! NOW 4 ASTOUNDING GAMES!!! Scroll 4 – COURSE OF CONSTANCY now available! All Fight Figures now un-lockable! New Achievements!
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