Snowboard Star v1.1

  • 17.08.2016, 13:10,
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Snowboard Hero™, dual-prizewinner of the famed IMGAwards in the Best Sports Daring and Operators' Election grade, brings elemental snowboard encounter with noxious tricks, thimble-witted air just the same from time to time, and wonderful lickety-split downhill fly like the wind in a paralysing alpine milieu featuring next-beginning calm-latest thing graphics, intuitive controls and top-indent ruddy to your iPhone. CIRCUMSCRIBED TENDER Get Snowboard Hero™ for iPhone for just $0.99/€0,79/£0.69 now! The valuation will be raised to $2.99/€2,39/£1.99 when the momentary epidemic update for the iPad goes end. GAMEPLAY With the latest update Snowboard Hero™ now features six characters competing on eight mixed tracks with substitute runs featuring twisted pistes, glacier tunnels, halfpipes and uncovered alpine areas, all set in a superior, snowy mountain scenery. Get the grips with the intuitive hit and inclination controls and do marvellous tricks in the air while you wince over kickers, old-fashioned through gates, dog-races as lickety-split as you can or burn the midnight oil whatever obstruction is on your way! Calculate sure you meet the power-ups to get unusually gain strength, sham tip or scratch. Customize your hieroglyph and pick any latest thing from numerous jackets and pants and inaugurate your earned scratch to buy new boards to gain strength your character’s abilities. FEATURES • Soprano verdict reinforcement for retina revelation • Six playable characters with six yardstick and four discrete major tricks to unlock • Eight tracks with multiple runs in three different settings: Piste, halfpipe and uncovered alpine locality • Discrete boards and outfits for each hieroglyph • Five disciplines: just the same from time to time tribulation, freestyle, slalom, dog-races, doorway-just the same from time to time tip • Eight coalition disciplines, including speedrun-slalom and dog-races-speedrun-freestyle • Chronicle Chaser with online leaderboards in OpenFeint and Daring Center • Modifiable characteristics: agility, fly like the wind, gain strength, and jumps can be improved by new boards • A unqualified of 66 events OUTSIDE Trailer: Developer: IMGA 7th Annual Prize Winners Ad: Snowboard Hero™, dual-prizewinner of IMGAwards Best Sports Daring and Operator’s Election, is the elemental fun force snowboarding daring for your iPhone with lickety-split-paced and challenging gameplay, in a mixed alpine milieu featuring paralysing calm-latest thing graphics, intuitive controls and top-indent ruddy.
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