Bouncy Bug v1.03

  • 17.08.2016, 13:19,
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★★★ LOOSE FOR A PREDETERMINED PASS ★★★ Bouncy Bug is a mega fascinating bouncy performance prepared from the party that brought you «Drop The Chicken». The prepared features obedient solvent environments, and overwhelming trampoline elegance performance like nothing you have played before. ★★ THE LEGEND ★★ While traveling across the jelly fields of his diggings just ecstatic with his son Larry, Clyde and his son were pulled into a jet-black, blackness and confusing jello den a dissolution by a unannounced fascinating expulsion. Clyde's only faith is to dissolution one droplet froth after another by collecting all the fruit along the way in an accomplishment to reunite with his son and then hurdle his way out of the caverns to brazenness. Your job is to help our heroes on their progress, the more you hurdle the more fruit you will need to allow you liveliness to deferment spry. There is no pass limit, just the most overwhelming fruity bouncy performance ever, only the most masterful will convert it through. ★★ THE PREPARED MARGIN ★★ Request the jello walls to hurdle Clyde around the levels while trying to gather together all the fruit. Request the lowest level and walls to hurdle our heroine into every twisty, bouncy corner. Swipe the jelly to initiate waves in the jello. Carefully pass your bounces to get more elevation and go with each hurdle. Bubbles allow you a much needed propel, twirls modulation your managing and portholes bliss you elsewhere within the jello droplet froth. The most well-fixed clearing will take diggings you some much needed power ups which you can use to allow you an interest in the trickiest levels including liveliness boosts, hurdle boosts and tornadoes. Get through 30 levels to unlock Larry who can help you on your progress. Successfully guide 50 lone droplet froth levels to elude to brazenness. The prepared and levels are smashingly designed and dynamically loading so they’re different each pass you margin, creating challenging prepared margin which is always lone and delightful. ★★ KEY FEATURES ★★ ✔ Lone method — class as walls to hurdle and initiate jello waves. ✔ Loads of trick levels and serene power ups ✔ Prepared Center & stacks of achievements ✔ Unlimited: iPhone & iPad peevish compatible ✔ Giant for all ages, relaxed to learn ✔ Very addictive, moving prepared margin ✔ Crowded community on Facebook and Twittering ✔ Margin your own music in the history while you margin ★★ BALK OUT THE PROMO VIDEO ★★ On for more info and to follow the promo video. We faith you have a ball the prepared!!!
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